Trend-setting development is unparalleled with modern cladding

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Multi-residential customers look to their builder for stylish homes with on-trend designs. They want them delivered on time. And non-combustibility code adherence is essential. Recently, Bryce Parker, Director of Bryce Parker Homes accomplished just this with a mixed cladding aesthetic featuring Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding.

Completed in October 2020, the 10 stylish homes offer contemporary living across 900m2. Designed to meld into the surrounding Dandenong Ranges area, the development required versatile solutions which could meet the challenges of looming deadlines, fire ratings, non-combustibility codes and modern design. Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding achieved this brief.

Above all “the cladding was easy to use and quick to install. The consistent render texture eliminates the need for wet trades and they come pre-primed and ready to paint. The lower cost of the panels also freed up budget to use higher-end paint, creating a more luxurious finish,” says Bryce.

“While developers and prospective tenants will be focused on the look of a home, it was essential for us to meet Victoria’s building requirements. Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding provided a perfect solution, it’s Code Mark certified, fire resistant and deemed non-combustible, while also giving a render style look that was central to the visual design,” adds Bryce.

Additional stand out architectural elements in this Bryce Parker Homes project include intertwined cladding with rustic metal and render-look wall finishes and defined window detailing. These were central to capturing the mixed cladding aesthetic, an increasingly popular trend across Australia.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in modern architectural design and the mixed cladding look in particular,” says Bryce. “It’s a versatile trend and helps create unique homes that can still have a cohesive look with their surrounds. In our build, the Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding provides a smoother, more consistent finish than traditional render and adds a twist with their expressed joints. It’s a new take that works really well with the other elements of the properties.”

Made from James Hardie’s premium fibre cement, the cladding also facilitated the construction of the homes’ second storeys as they provide durable strength, without the need for the extensive support required with masonry.

“The plans for these properties had always included a rendered, cladding building material as they are generally easier to build with, especially on second floors. Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding, however outperformed other options on the market and saved us about three days of work, which made a huge difference to the delivery timeline,” says Bryce.

Above: Close up of Hardie Fine Texture Cladding

Taking 16 months to construct, the buildings are built to last as Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding, as well as being fire resistant and deemed non-combustible is also resistant to damage from moisture and termites. They are also designed to accommodate building movement which reduces the risk of joint cracking.

“We are pleased with the results, especially the consistency of the texture. We are thrilled with the longevity of the product for homeowners and would use the product again for other projects,” adds Bryce.

Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding is available in an 8.5mm thickness and a range of sizes (2440×1200, 3000×1200, 3600×1200 and 3000×1350).

Like Bryce, save your business valuable days towards your delivery timetable, while delivering an on-trend project for your client. Talk to your Dahlsens Account Manager to find out more about Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding fibre cement panels.