The world’s most advanced screw is here

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Introducing the MultiONE screw, Bremick’s drill bit and screw in one.

The new MultiONE screw is a multi-purpose fastener that can screw through almost any material without pre-drilling*, making this the only screw you’ll ever need for trade and DIY applications.

Easily fasten this screw into softwood, hardwood, treated timbers, composite boards, laminated boards, brick, block, concrete and metals.

The advanced design means you can fasten multiple materials together and use it as a drill bit, saving time.

*Pre-drilling may be required in masonry products.

MultiONE is the one screw that every toolbox needs:

  • A drill bit and screw in one
  • Available in truss and contour head
  • Suitable for countersunk or flat face applications

MultiONE features:

  • Torx® compatible drive
    – Positive bit engagement provides maximum application of torque
  • TopGRIP thread
    – Locks materials together
  • Unique thread design
    – Engineered to fasten multiple materials with ease
  • High tech drill tip
    – Drills a perfect-sized hole for the screw
    – Super powerful, super strong
  • Protected and coated with Bremick’s B8 coating
    – Lasts four times longer than galvanising

Ask your Dahlsens Account Manager how the MultiONE can make life easier on the job.