Qikpanel: timber flooring technology to give you the edge

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Discover the Qikpanel floor cassette system

Qikpanel by Qikfit Floors is a low profile, prefabricated timber floor cassette. Qikfit Floors are designed specifically to provide a cost and speed advantage over the conventional flooring systems used for large spans and second storey floor installations.

At Dahlsens our experienced team understands exactly what it takes to ensure your build runs smoothly, within budget and in line with client expectations. Your business success is our first priority and that is why we only work with the best.

Here are our top three reasons for selecting the Qikpanel floor cassette system when dealing with large spans, sloping sites or second stories.

1) Streamlined installation

  • Fast installation using lightweight cranes to lift and install the panels enables a smooth continuity of construction
  • Panels ‘lock’ together ensuring a tight floor with no gaps
  • Service voids can be incorporated into the Qikpanel ‘joists’ allowing for easier distribution of ducting, plumbing and electrical requirements
  • Reduction of on-site waste due to off-site fabrication.

2) Safety conscious

  • Provides an instant safe and stable working platform
  • Compliance to all relevant Australian building codes and standards.

3) Custom engineering

  • Precision factory manufactured to ensure consistency, dimensional accuracy and high quality
  • Standard panel depths of 360mm, 300mm and 240mm (including flooring) – custom designs will allow for larger spans if required
  • Large spans can be achieved with the low profile Qikpanel Floor
  • Platform floors are an optimum surface for all overlay flooring such as tiles and engineered or natural feature timber.

Patent pending, Qikpanels are an Australian designed and engineered floor system.

To satisfy your curiosity and for an obligation-free estimate with face-to-face advice on QikPanel, get in touch with our experienced team today. Already have a Dahlsens account? Talk to your Account Manager or local Dahlsens store, email enquiries@dahlsens.com.au or sms ‘QikPanel’ to 0437 486 433.