Peter Bowen Homes: changing the face of the Riverina

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The past 25 years have seen Peter Bowen Homes go from strength to strength. A home builder in the Albury-Wodonga and surrounding Riverina areas, Peter built his first display home at the age of 29 and delivered six houses that year. Today, Peter, his wife Jayne and his team are delivering 80 houses a year.

Market segmentation and a large team

Peter Bowen Homes services four main client groups: first home owners, people on their second or third home who are looking to upsize, rural homes and retirees who are looking for a comfortable and manageable smaller home.

Peter Bowen Homes is a major employer in the Albury area. “We’ve got 80-100 people working with us at any given time, including subcontractors. On top of that, we employ carpenters, apprentices, managers and a sales team. We’re proud to have had real consistency in our team, like subbies who are now employees and have been with us for 15 years. We also invest in apprentices.”

“This consistency in the team, service and quality has meant we’re about to embark on our biggest project yet.”

Entering the land development market

Twelve year ago, Peter Bowen Homes entered the land development market, starting with a parcel of 43 lots in Albury. Now, they’re finalising the final dozen homes on a 217-lot parcel.

Their next project has been three years in the making, with a planned 1,100 houses in a new estate, Thurgoona. This unique parcel of land is situated between two creeks and promises residents an aesthetically beautiful place to live. “We plan to build an eight-house display centre there, which will be up and running by this time next year. It’s going to be a very exciting 12 months,” says Peter.

The Dahlsens factor

It’s evident from the growth of Peter Bowen Homes, and the scale of the projects the company is undertaking, that their suppliers need to be flexible, consistent, and deliver the goods.

Peter works with Brent and Danny at Dahlsens in Albury.

“We’ve got a really good working relationships with Dahlsens,” says Peter. “Danny is a fella I’ve known for probably 15 or 20 years and we get looked after very well. The important thing is that they go the extra mile in looking after their customers.”

Dahlsens thanks Peter Bowen Homes for their business and wishes them continued success.