Lighter, corrosion resistant horizontal rebar

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Ausreo, with its GFRP 10mm Horizontal Bar™, is now available through Dahlsens.

The GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer) rebar is manufactured with long-lasting resin and corrosion-resistant glass to reinforce your on-ground concrete slabs.

Made in Canada, the GFRP rebar is ideal for smaller jobs, it’s easy to transport and easy to cut to size. The bar is superior grade, Australian standard approved reinforcement.

✔ Quick & Simple Installation
Easy to transport and to move on site.

✔ 200+ Years Service Life
Engineered to last for generations.

✔ Corrosion Resistant
Impervious to corrosive affects due to coastal salt-water spray and full salt-water submersion.

✔ Nonconductive & Nonferrous
Ideal for projects with electromagnetic sensitivity

✔ Reduced Environmental Impact
GFRP rebar is manufactured in Canada using only electric power and achieves a zero emissions standard that is natural to its mode of production.

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