Ezipier steel piers: an alternative to sub-floor brick piers

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Ezipier’s adjustable steel piers and stumps are making an impact on the Australian flooring market. So what is Ezipier and why is it proving so popular?

The back story

Originating in Sydney in 1991, Spantec conceptualised and started manufacturing adjustable steel piers to be used under sub-floors.

Spantec are now the leaders in steel flooring systems in Australia, manufacturing and designing flooring components, as well as developing software to help builders engineer plans for the best flooring solution available to them.

Originally part of Spantec’s complete sub-floor system, Ezipier steel piers (we well as Ezibrace paddles, joiners and braces) are now available to purchase as separate components.

What are the benefits of using Ezipier?

True adjustability: Turn a nut, no need to remove bolts or tek screws.

Safe perimeter: Flush finish, no protruding components.

Clear termite inspection point: Easy to inspect, no interference with cladding.

Base plate protector: 5 mm thick increases protection from ponding of water.

Affordable flexibility & convenience: The range suits standard post sizes to handle most residential loads of up to 5m heights.

Protection: Flexibility of choice of posts when higher protection is needed for coastal areas.

Non-combustible: For bush fire prone areas.

Extensive range: No matter what type of bearers and joists you’re using (LVL’s, hardwood, steel RHS or “C” sections), there is an adjustable steel pier head to suit your job.

What are the benefits of using Ezibrace?

Cut installation time in half: Quick to install. In high wind applications, adapt to achieve a higher capacity so you need fewer bracing bays to resist wind loads.

High lateral bracing capacity: Ezipier paddle and joiner allows for a larger number of screws if required by your engineer.

Minimal wastage: Use the Ezibrace joiner to utilise small offcuts of SHS bracing tube without losing capacity.

Sloping sites: This is a cross bracing system that allows for bracing posts of different heights.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the Ezipier and Ezibrace products and how you can start using them on-site today.