Builder profile: SABCON Developments

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For new construction business SABCON Developments, exceptional customer service has proven to be the ultimate ticket to success.

New business, long history

Based in the Melbourne suburb of Chadstone, SABCON Developments is a family affair with everyone, including mum, on board.

“Dad has been in the construction industry for more than 20 years,” explains joint founder of SABCON Developments, Amil Sabitovic.

“A little more than a year ago, my brother and I made the decision to create SABCON Developments with our dad. Mum also quickly became involved as our account manager.”

A personalised approach and broad skill set

The SABCON Developments team work collectively to tailor their building process to match the needs of each individual client.

“We work consultatively with every new client to understand exactly what they are trying to achieve, so we can create a property that achieves their vision,” says Amil. “This makes every job that we complete entirely different, as each client has their own ideas and project specifications.”

It is this personalised touch that makes working with SABCON Developments such as rewarding experience.

“At SABCON Developments we always strive to do the right thing by our customers. Communication is fundamental to this process. Our hard-working team ensures that we provide constant feedback to each client, keeping them updated with important project developments and avoiding any potential for misunderstanding.”

Characterised by their diverse experience and qualifications – which encompass craftsmanship through to structural engineering – SABCON Developments provide a comprehensive approach to the project management of every build.

Their team partners with clients from day one to help generate building designs and submit initial council proposals, continuing this relationship right through to the completion of the construction process.

“Our broad skill set means we are able to build trust with clients as we work collectively from the design phase toward the actual build.”

SABCON Developments places a priority on creating sustainable and cost-effective investment opportunities that cover muti-unit developments and spec homes, as well as more basic building renovations and extensions.

The Dahlsens factor

While SABCON Developments may be a young company, their list of achievements is long, with projects completed all over Melbourne’s south east including Chadstone, Frankston, Bentleigh, Brighton and the Mornington Peninsula.

Amil credits SABCON Developments’ strong relationship with suppliers – including Dahlsens – for their rapid success.

“Dahlsens reps are very transparent and upfront. They ensure our orders consistently arrive on time and we have yet to miss a delivery. Strong relationships with our suppliers keep our projects flowing so we never miss a deadline.”