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Bright and breezy Bali-inspired coastal oasis

Inspired by the coastal vibes of Balinese villas, this light, bright and spacious build oozes resort-style charm in keeping with its stunning location – just a stone’s throw from one of the world’s most famous beaches, Bondi.

High-end home builder, PGR Projects was tasked with creating the perfect breezy Balinese getaway, and they certainly delivered.

“It’s like stepping into an oasis. It’s like a resort. As soon as you walk through the door, it’s just open, full of light. It’s bright and airy and very functional. The architect really helped pull off the resort-style Balinese feel that the clients wanted,” says Paul Rice, Principal at PGR Projects.

Based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, PGR Projects have been delivering high-end builds for the past 20 years. Led by Paul Rice, and composed of five carpenters, the firm prides itself on delivering stunning builds with an emphasis on staying within budget.

“We really specialise in transparency with the client and having good communication. We use a Buildsoft interface, and we discuss a lot about the budget because we don’t want the client to overspend. We want them to be happy but also know that they’re going to be able to afford it for years to come and not be out of pocket.”

Paul worked closely with his clients to bring their dreams to life.

“It’s a brick veneer with steel port construction. That was purely based on cost because concrete reinforced double brick was quite expensive, so we saved a lot of money by doing a brick veneer steel portal design.

“A large portion of the materials were supplied by Dahlsens, including all the framing, LVL beams, joists, hardwood battens, treated pine battens, a lot of screening – there’s over two kilometres of screening – all the decking, the pool bridge material, all the detailed finish panels, you name it,” said Paul.

Along with challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, Paul and his team faced the arduous task of bringing in heavy machinery into a bustling North Bondi suburb packed with traffic and pedestrians.

“Even though it was a big site, it was tricky getting stuff into a busy Bondi suburb. Getting large infrastructure, like excavators and piling machines, in and parked was quite the challenge. All the employees had cars and, even though we had work construction zones, we would always park our cars on the street if we knew we had a big delivery or infrastructure. We’d leave them there overnight,” he said.

The knockdown-rebuild took 18 months, with the keys handed over in 2021. The client was thrilled with the finished result, as was Paul, who highlighted the outdoor pool area as his standout feature.

“The pool-cabana area is brilliant. I think that having that outdoor entertainment area right by the pool is fantastic. It’s just perfect for all-day entertaining. The family told me they have tonnes of BBQs in the summer, so it’s perfect for that. There’s plenty of room for the kids and it all flows together so well.”

Paul praised his Dahlsens account manager Dave Milton and the Dahlsens Gosford team for supporting PGR Projects throughout the build.

“Dave is very experienced, and he’s someone who can always find you a good deal or find you other options if a material doesn’t work to your budget,” Paul said. “He’s so knowledgeable. He knows so many people in the business. It’s great to have him on your side. I’ve been working with Dave since 2005 when I first met him on the Central Coast and I consider him a good mate, I speak to him that regularly!”

“Dahlsens have got really experienced sales reps. They’re able to give you a really good idea of prices upfront and if the price doesn’t match up with our budget they will always give you other options to work with. They’re full of local knowledge as well, which is always a plus.”

From grand projects, to small renos – it’s always a pleasure to work with builders like Paul and the team from PGR Projects. Congratulations on another job well done!