For close to a decade, UniCote® Steel has been a trusted choice among Australians, whether they seek to protect their most cherished assets or bring their creative visions to fruition. Over the years, they’re earned a reputation for exceptional quality, unmatched performance, and groundbreaking solutions.

Although UniCote® Steel has gained popularity as a roofing material, its applications extend far beyond that. It has increasingly become the top choice for exterior cladding, offering a modern aesthetic that seamlessly complements materials such as timber and concrete. Whether you’re designing a barn-inspired structure or aiming for an industrial-chic look, UniCote® Steel unleashes endless architectural possibilities.

Australia’s diverse landscapes, ranging from the sun-drenched outback to rugged coastal areas, require versatile solutions. Regardless of your location, UniCote® Steel has got you covered. The colour palette draws inspiration from Australia’s breathtaking scenery, offering both timeless classics and trendy shades. Moreover, their innovative spirit is demonstrated by distinctive patterned and textured finishes.

Beyond Colour. Australia’s Premium Steel Choice.

Australia’s premium choice for roofing and cladding. Solutions for all locations. Stunning patterns and finishes. Exceptional performance.

UniCote® Select seamlessly merges the durability with captivating visual appeal, presenting a wide spectrum of colors and profiles. It gracefully marries form and function, providing impeccable quality, minimal upkeep, and enduring robustness.

UniCote® Coastal stands as the ultimate metal solution tailored for the Australian coastline, offering unmatched corrosion resistance capable of enduring the challenging and corrosive conditions unique to this region.

UniCote® LUX represents a top-tier pre-painted steel product meticulously crafted to complement the world of high-end Australian architecture. It excels in performance, enhanced by breathtaking patterned and textured finishes that redefine the standards of premium aesthetics.

UniCote colour range

UniCote® Essential

Discover the UniCote® Essential collection, featuring a rich spectrum of 23 enchanting hues. Whether your taste leans towards enduring classics, contemporary tones, or the coastal charm of Hamptons-inspired colors, UniCote® Steel meticulously curated this selection to elevate the splendor of the Australian scenery.

UniCote® LUX

Unleash your architectural imagination and transcend the realm of conventional building materials. Tailored to complement the aesthetics of high-end Australian architecture, UniCote® LUX presents an exceptional premium assortment of contemporary patterned and textured steel finishes, setting a new standard for innovative design solutions.

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