Timberlink is one of Australasia’s leading renewable plantation pine timber manufacturers.

Timberlink’s products include treated and untreated structural sawn timber for indoor and outdoor above-ground uses. Applications may include house framing, pergolas, decks and landscaping. Every pine tree Timberlink uses is harvested from responsibly managed plantations and then replanted, making timber framing the Ultimate Renewable™.

Timberlink operates two regional large scale timber manufacturing facilities; one in Bell Bay, Tasmania, and the other in Tarpeena, South Australia.

Treated Outdoor Structural Timber

Timberlink Green is treated to H3 level with Light Organic Solvent Preservative (LOSP) and is suitable for external, above-ground load bearing applications such as deck substructures, pergolas and carports. Timberlink Green includes compounds that are designed to assist the product resist water penetration and is therefore also suitable for internal framing in wet areas such as bathrooms. Timberlink Green is also visually graded for appearance.

Treated Indoor Structural Timber

Timberlink Blue structural framing is H2F treated to resist termite and European house borer attack. It is suitable for indoor load bearing, above ground applications built south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Timberlink Blue protection against termites and European house borers is guaranteed for 25 years.

Untreated Indoor Structural Timber

Timberlink Untreated Structural timber is manufactured from sustainably grown Australian radiata pine. It is not treated. It is suitable for indoor load bearing, above ground applications.

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