Rinnai is a leading innovator and provider of top-tier hot water, heating and cooling solutions that perfectly blend performance with modern design.

Rinnai empowers builders, developers and homeowners alike with a diverse range of quality products that promise unparalleled efficiency, reliability and flexibility. With Rinnai, comfort isn’t just an aspiration – it’s an everyday reality.

Embrace the Rinnai experience with cutting-edge hot water systems and air conditioning units that redefine comfort. Designed to suit the diverse and demanding conditions of Australia, Rinnai’s products are engineered with precision, ensuring lasting quality. With Rinnai, every space is an opportunity for the ultimate comfort without compromising efficiency.

Continuous Flow – B Series & Infinity

Engineered to prioritise environmental sustainability without sacrificing superior performance, the Rinnai Continuous Flow Infinity and B Series hot water systems set new standards for water heating solutions. These systems incorporate low-emission burners and Puretemp™ temperature control technology, ensuring precise and stable temperature for optimal comfort.

The Infinity and B Series boasts an endless hot water supply, low running costs and excellent sustainability.

A seamless blend of Japanese design and state-of-the-art components, the systems are manufactured in Rinnai’s cutting-edge Australian facilities. Easy installation coupled with the durable construction makes the Infinity and B Series an investment that will stand the test of time.

Elevate every space with the consistency and reliability that only Rinnai can provide.

Hotflo & Hotflo Plus

Rinnai’s Hotflo & Hotflo Plus electric water storage systems are celebrated for their efficiency and adaptability. The Hotflo range is meticulously engineered, offering an array of capacities from the ultra-compact 25-litre unit up to the formidable 400-litre storage cylinder, catering to diverse hot water needs effortlessly.

Designed for reliability, the Hotflo range features vitreous enamel-lined tanks. Single or twin-element configurations, coupled with temperature safety features, ensure best-in-class performance.

The Hotflo systems are designed for seamless integration, with standard sizing and dual-handed configurations for flexible and cost-effective installations. Perfect for replacing existing units or for new installations, Hotflo systems underscore the reliability and leading quality that Rinnai is known for.

Experience unyielding performance and durability with Rinnai’s Hotflo & Hotflo Plus electric water storage systems – a tailored solution for modern hot water demands.

Enviroflo Heat Pumps

Utilising cutting-edge heat pump technology, the Enviroflo range is a leading energy-efficient hot water solution that is tailored for Australia’s diverse climates and conditions.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Enviroflo heat pumps come in various capacities, equipped with features such as magnesium or hard water anodes. The single-element boost ensures an uninterrupted supply of hot water even when in high demand or in colder environments.

Engineered for resilience, these systems can withstand water pressures up to 1000kPa and are lightweight for easy installation. The innovative control system maximises hot water availability while using up to 65% less energy, contributing to a lower environmental impact.

Quiet in operation and built with quality components, Rinnai’s Enviroflo heat pumps come with a 5-year cylinder warranty and 3-year compressor warranty. Choose Enviroflo for a hot water solution that combines adaptability, energy efficiency and unwavering reliability.

T Series Split System Air Conditioner

Rinnai’s T Series inverter split system boasts smart home integration for maximum convenience and comfort in Australian homes.

The Wi-Fi-compatible system offers seamless remote control via the app or voice commands through Google Home and Amazon Alexa. With its ability to operate between -15°C to 52°C, the T Series utilises the eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant, enhancing efficiency for a reduced carbon footprint.

The system features a high-density air filter for unbeatable air quality and an intuitive fresh function for moisture control, ensuring optimal air quality and hygiene. Encased in a stylish matte finish, it boasts an intelligent sleep mode that adapts to ambient temperatures and convenient timers including a 7-day programmable option.

Thoughtfully engineered for quiet operation and easy installation, the Rinnai T Series is the perfect combination of efficiency and adaptability tailored to provide unrivalled heating and cooling experiences throughout the year.

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