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Whole of House Supply

 To be a reliable Whole of House supplier, Dahlsens has developed sound internal processes to simplify your building process. The best suppliers in our industry choose to partner with Dahlsens to ensure their products reach the market at competitive prices, with efficient delivery and the support of experts in the field.

 You can purchase your framing and roofing materials, windows, doors, arches and skirts, insulation and plaster, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, stone benchtops, plumbing, door furniture and all your builders’ hardware from Dahlsens.

What is the benefit of Whole of House to you?

Call Up Management

You have an array of suppliers and sub-contractors. We work closely with you to manage call ups, reducing the likelihood of forgotten orders, mistakes and confusion.

Peace of Mind. Reduced hassle

Simplify your warranty process. Have Dahlsens manage most of your supplies. One point of contact means no more hand-balling between suppliers.

Simplify your Administration

Paperwork can be a nightmare. Benefit from ordering your truss and frame, windows, doors, cabinets and plumbing fixtures through one, trusted, reliable source. Access all your invoices and statements from a single location online, in real time, through our 24/7 TradeDesk – your build cost reconciliation just got a whole lot easier!

One point of contact to remember:

  • One contact name at Dahlsens
  • One phone number
  • One email address

Too easy.

How do we do it?

Dahlsens invests the time to understand your business so we can tailor our service to meet your needs, including:

  • A personalised account management structure
  • A profile of your on-hand and future stock needs
  • Precise processes to meet your project lead times
  • Customised ordering and communication processes that suit your way of working
  • The feasibility and potential benefits of incorporating electronic trading into your business

You can view our Whole of House product range under our Trade Products section.

Download a brochure which summarises our range of products here.

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