Our Whole of House Solutions

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What are the benefits of dealing with a reliable Whole of House supplier?

As a builder your time is money. Do not waste it coordinating an array of suppliers and subcontractors.

To be a reliable Whole of House supplier, Dahlsens has developed sound internal processes to simplify your building process.

Call Up Management

Let us coordinate the timely supply of your materials to site. Our team of Account Managers know your job sites and their current stages of the build. They work closely with our store team to manage your call ups and ensure your materials get delivered in full and on time. Managing too many suppliers result in extra effort in coordination, waste of time and increased likelihood of mistakes and confusion.

One Point of Contact

Wouldn’t it be good to be able to call one person and get a large portion of your materials requirements sorted?

At Dahlsens, all you have to remember is the name of ONE contact person. You can then save his/her mobile number and email address on your phone.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind, reduced hassle and no blame game; this is the Dahlsens warranty promise. Having Dahlsens manage most of your supply simplifies your warranty process. We are your point of contact for warranties. If we sold you the product, we shoulder the warranty responsibility; there is no hand balling between suppliers.

Simplify your Administration

Paperwork can be a real nightmare. Why not access all your invoices from one place? Dahlsens’ 24/7 TradeDesk is a trade portal that allows our builders to access their invoices and statements anytime and anywhere, in real time. This is build cost reconciliation made easy. Consider having all your orders for doors, door handles, windows, kitchen joinery and plumbing PCs placed with us. We will look after you.

You can view our Whole of House product range under our Trade Products section.

Download a brochure which summarises our range of products here.


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