Laminex has been a proud Australian manufacturer for over 85 years. During that time, we’ve grown from a tin shed in Melbourne to multiple large-scale manufacturing plants in city and country locations right around Australia.  

Laminex continues to invest in new technology to produce locally made products and we recognise that the best way to support growth in Australia is through our own action – investment in new manufacturing capabilities to begin local production. Laminex produce a range of products including high pressure laminates, compact laminates, wet area paneling, decorative MDFs, plyboard, raw MDFs, particleboard, particleboard flooring as well as the incredibly popular Surround by Laminex wall paneling.

A different way to do walls.

Add style and texture to your next project with the easy-to-install range of contemporary wall panels from Surround by Laminex.

Batten 25

A statement design showcasing narrow boards presented in a graphic, tight formation. Featuring defined edges and deeper routing, this profile is ideal for feature wall application.

Batten 75

A modern profile with slim battens defined by deep, vertical-edged grooves. Apply as a stand-alone surface with masculine edge, or style with contrasting materials for added warmth.

Batten 100

Contemporary panelling featuring timeless vertical lines separated by straight-edged grooves. Bold recesses between boards offer a versatile and modern alternative to traditional VJ panels, creating a new design classic.

Scallop 22.5

A stylish design characterised by undulating curves and distinct peaks. Add a contemporary touch with a narrow-scalloped design that plays on light and shadow.

Scallop 45

A stylish and popular scalloped design characterised by wide, softly undulating curves. The profile can be applied across an entire wall, or paired in tandem with Scallop 22.5 as a statement surface.

Scallop 135

Generous, defined curves meet in Scallop 135, designed to sit quietly within a sophisticated home or commercial interior. This subtle structure brings a softness to a large surface, creating an overall sense of calm.

Demi Round 20

A subtle variation of the Demi Round profile featuring narrow curving rods. The repetition of gently-rounded edges adds interest and warmth to an interior-space, without overpowering the wider scheme.

Demi Round 40

Soften your interior surfaces with this contemporary, curving profile. Demi Round 40 is particularly conductive to half-wall application to bring warmth to a tiled or plastered base.

French Stripe 30

Equally spaced battens and grooves give the illusion of a striped effect in this elegant profile. Panels exude European sophistication in their simplicity, conducive to a neutral yet impactful surface or wall.

Classic VJ 100

Classic tongue and groove panelling offers a timeless backdrop to complement any interior style. Featuring linear boards separated by vertical joins (VJ), this profile creates a subtly-textured backdrop for period homes and modern interiors alike.

Classic VJ 200

A fresh take on Classic VJ, this profile creates a statement with broad panels and contemporary lines, separated by VJ grooves. Introduce subtle texture to a living or working space with this clean and streamlined design.

Heritage 150

Vertical timber panelling featuring wider boards defined by understated, curving joints. A classic profile at home in either a heritage home or contemporary setting.

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