CSR Gyprock is Australia’s leading manufacturer of gypsum-based products and has been Australian for ‘plasterboard’ since 1947, transforming the building industry with the introduction of paper-faced plasterboard.

Most Gyprock products are manufactured in Australia, with a select range of speciality products sourced from leading manufactures throughout the world to ensure the best solutions are available to architects, designers, builders, and contractors.

Today Gyprock is still one of the most widely recognised brands in the country, producing a range of highly trusted certified plaster solutions for the building and construction industries, including plasterboard, pre-mixed and dry compounds, as well as a vast DIY range and design solutions for Australian homeowners. With a commitment to new technology development, CSR Gyprock continues its strong tradition of evolving its product range to meet the needs of the ever-changing construction and building industry.

Gyprock also actively supports plasterboard recycling both to help the environment by reducing waste going to landfill and because it is often a great way for builders to save on waste tipping fees and site clean-up costs as well as improve site safety with better resource management.

Gyprock Plus

Gyprock Plus is a premium, lightweight 10mm thick plasterboard with a thicker face paper that produces a crisper score and snap experience with cleaner cuts and squarer edges. Optimised Core technology also provides greater breaking strength in a substantially lighter board that continues to exceed the performance requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS 2588.

Gyprock Plus is typically used as a wall lining option in residential applications but can also be used on ceilings with standard 450mm joist centres. It is most suitable for areas of the home where exposure to moisture is not a concern such as bedrooms, living areas and entrance ways

EC08 Complete

EC08 Complete is manufactured with a dense, fibre-reinforced core and is specially formulated to provide superior performance for mould, impact, fire, acoustic and moisture resistance making it an excellent choice for most commercial applications.

All boards in the EC08 range contain high levels of recycled content and are manufactured to AS/NZS 2588 – Gypsum Plasterboard. Their low VOC emissions make them an ideal choice for applications where maintaining high levels of indoor air quality is important.

EC08 Complete is typically used as a wall and ceiling lining in commercial green building projects where a high level of impact, fire, moisture, and mould resistance is required, and high levels of recycled content are desired. This includes all green building projects and applications where maintaining high levels of indoor air quality is important such as schools, health, and aged care.

Gyprock Shaft Liner MP

Shaft Liner MP, like standard Shaft Liner panel has a glass fibre-reinforced core encased in a heavy-duty linerboard. This enables it to resist fire and make it ideal for use as part of a fire rated wall or ceiling system. These panels also offer exceptional acoustic insulation properties and are used in Gyprock commercial wall and ceiling systems where a high fire rating or high acoustic performance is specified.

Shaft Liner MP is predominantly specified for the internal barrier lining within Gyprock fire and/or acoustic wall and ceiling systems such as Party Wall Systems.

Typical applications include:

  • Intertenancy walls and party walls
  • Multi-residential unit ceilings
  • Stairwells
  • Lift wells
  • Service shafts

Base Coat 20, 45, 60, 90

Specially formulated, Base Coats are a setting type jointing compound that provides superior tape adhesion and joint strength. They are used for the first and second coat in a three coat jointing system, along with jointing tapes.  Joints may be finished with any Gyprock topping or all-purpose compound and sanded smooth prior to decoration. Base Coats are available in powder form and are mixed with water to a workable paste. Four different options are available in the Base Coat range, each with a defined setting time for varying applications:

  • Base Coat 20 – 20 min. working life for smaller projects and patching
  • Base Coat 45 – 45 min. working life for medium projects
  • Base Coat 60 – 60 min. working life for medium – large projects
  • Base Coat 90 – 90 min working life for larger projects

Easy Finish

Gyprock Easy-Finish™ is typically used as a topcoat in a three-coat jointing system in residential and commercial walls and ceilings.

It is formulated to provide exceptional flow for smooth even finish with excellent sandability and paintability. This low VOC compound is available in a convenient premixed form for easy application and is ready for sanding and painting in approximately 24 hours.


Easy-Flow is a versatile all-purpose jointing compound used for all coats in a three-coat jointing system in residential and commercial walls and ceilings.

This low VOC formulation is available in a convenient premixed form that has been developed to provide exceptional out-of-machine flow for mechanical application. Each coat dries and hardens in approximately 24 hours ready for recoating or sanding.

One Finish

Gyprock One Finish is a pre-mixed acrylic compound designed to create a uniform surface on interior plasterboard or fibre cement walls and ceilings affected by critical lighting conditions.

One Finish is rolled or sprayed directly onto the wall or ceiling, eliminating the need for trowel application. It is easy to sand, and where a level of final texture is acceptable, sanding is not required prior to the painting process. One Finish reduces the difference in porosity, texture and sheen between board and jointing compound, to create a uniform white surface ready for decoration. Due to its superior hiding power, it can be used as part of a level 5 finish specification under AS/NZS 2589.

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