• I'm new to Dahlsens. Does Dahlsens only cater for the Trade? And do I need to have an account to buy from you?

    Anyone can buy from Dahlsens. You don't need to open an account. You can pay by cash, EFTPOS or credit card. We are unable to accept cheques unless approved prior with our Credit Management office.

    However, an account with Dahlsens will give you access to our trade prices and comes with a 30 day credit from the issue of your account statement. You can apply here for an account with Dahlsens; the process takes a few days and requires a credit reference check by our Credit Management office. Otherwise pop into your local branch for more information and to apply for an account.

  • I hold a Dahlsens account. Can I view my balance / pay my bill / reprint my invoices online?

    Yes, Dahlsens has an online account management portal called the 24/7 TradeDesk. The portal allows you to do the following from the comfort of your home and office:

    1. Look for products ranged by Dahlsens (but not necessarily in stock)
    2. View your own pricing if you have an account
    3. Produce quotations for your projects and jobs
    4. Place orders online (the store will always call you to confirm before delivery)
    5. View your account balance
    6. View your invoices and statements
    7. Send your invoices and statements to your email for printing

     Unfortunately you won’t be able to pay your invoice within the portal but we accept many ways for you to pay.

  • Can I pay off my invoices electronically?

    Yes, our BSB details are:

    Bank: CBA
    BSB: 063 - 010
    Account number: 1283 2815
    Account Name: Dahlsens Building Centres P/L

    You can also use BPay (details are on your statement).

  • Can I manage my account online?

    If you're an existing account holder you are able to log in through our 24/7 TradeDesk to manage your account details.


  • Can I organise a Dahlsens Account Manager to work with me to manage my requirements in materials and delivery timing?

    Yes, we can assign an Account Manager to look after your business. Our Account Managers are well trained in our processes and have a sound understanding of the building process. Please get in touch with your local Dahlsens store.

  • Whole of House Solutions: what products can I purchase from Dahlsens?

    Dahlsens is a whole of house supplier. We can supply a wide range of building materials from Foundation to Fit Out. We appreciate that as a builder your time is money. Do not waste it coordinating an array of suppliers and subcontractors. Purchase your materials from Dahlsens and use the time you save to focus on your building process and manage your business.

    To be a reliable whole of house supplier, Dahlsens has developed sound internal processes to simplify your building process. The best suppliers in our industry choose to partner with Dahlsens to ensure their products reach the market at competitive prices, with efficient delivery and are supported by experts in the field. You can purchase your framing and roofing materials, windows, doors, archs and skirts, insulation and plaster, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, stone benchtops, plumbing, door furniture and all your builders’ hardware from Dahlsens.


  • Kitchens

    We’ve partnered with Claytons, a leading kitchen manufacturer, to simplify your building process. We appeciate that cabinet making and installation can be a frustrating process. If you are a builder of new homes, talk to Dahlsens and experience our Supply & Install solution in kitchen joinery, stone and glass splashback.

  • Windows

    We have a competitive offer in both aluminium and timber windows. Talk to your local Dahlsens store or your Account Manager for details.

  • Plumbing

    Talk to Dahlsens if you’re looking for a bespoke ranging in the supply of (front-of-wall) plumbing. We will listen to your project needs, present a range that suits your business and ensure we deliver on our proposal as we work with you. Whilst our stores do not stock plumbing, once you have a range with us, every Dahlsens store can supply you with your plumbing items when you need them.

  • Pre-fabricated Roof Trusses and Wall Frames

    With 7 manufacturing plants across Victoria and southern New South Wales, we are able to deliver to site, ready to install Roof Trusses and Wall Frames to reduce your installation times and reduce timber wastage. Request a quote on line or contact your Dahlsens store who can provide you with an obligation free quote.

  • Steel Roofs, Fascia and Gutters

    Wtih Dahlsens Metal Roofing Centre located in Sale, we are able to produce for Gippsland based customers custom flashings up to 8m in length, fascia, gutter, corrugaged iron and Trimdek profiles on our state of the art equipment. Contact your local branch for more information.

  • Insulation and Ventilation

    We have a complete range of thermal and acoustic insulation to improve comfort and energy efficiency for new builders or renovation work. If you would like to know more about our Supply and Install service, please get in touch with your local Dahlsens branch. 


  • How can I get a quote?

    You can choose how you get your quotes. You can go online at any time of day or night, click on Quote Request and complete the form, then our staff will send you a quote or call you back if they require more information. You can also get personalised attention by calling your local Dahlsens branch or Account Manager.

  • Will the prices I'm sent be fixed prices?

    Our quotes are valid for 30 days from date of issue. On manufactured products - roof truss and wall frames - prices are valid for 60 days from issue. Our prices are subject to supplier price increases, therefore they do change from time to time.

  • I would like to consolidate my orders for most building materials on a project with Dahlsens. Will Dahlsens be able to offer improved pricing?

    One of the key benefits of working with Dahlsens is that we are a Whole-of-House supplier, meaning that we can supply materials for most stages of a building project From Foundation to Fit Out™. Depending on the materials you require from us, the quantity and the degree of order consolidation with Dahlsens, we can tailor our services and pricing to best reward your loyalty.

    Speak to your Account Manager or your local Dahlsens, and get started. In addition, as an Account Holder, you’ve got access to our 24/7 TradeDesk which is a great consolidation and management tool for builders.

  • How can I get access to trade prices?

    Our trade prices are available to builders and tradespeople who hold a trade account with us. Click here or pop into your local branch to open an account. When your account is open, your local branch will then give you trade prices whenever you request a quote.


  • Can I return an item I have purchased?

    This will depends on the product you wish to return. Most of our products are returnable and may be subject to a nominal re-stocking fee. However, some products e.g. entry doors are not returnable. Please ask your store for more details prior to purchase should you wish to understand further.

  • Can I cancel a delivery / an order?

    You can postpone a delivery if we are advised at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery. Cancelling an order is possible but requires advance notice and may depend on the products being ordered.


  • Where can I access technical help with a product?

    Dahlsens prides itself on an expert team who know our products back-to-front. A great starting point is to contact the store you purchased the product from and go from there. We’re very likely to have an expert who can help you.


  • Who’s responsible for product warranty?

    As the seller, Dahlsens is responsible for all product warranties. We only carry and sell products that are of trade quality and are proven in the marketplace. Every key supplier is carefully vetted by our Merchandise team to ensure they have a proven history, have products that meet local regulations and stand by the performance of their products. Nevertheless when products are found to be defective or do not perform on site, please contact us for support or to claim a warranty.


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