Give your clients the gift of convenience with our wide range of digital door locks. Dahlsens can supply secure digital door locks in a variety of sleek and modern designs. Forget fumbling with keys at the door, with a digital door lock your customers can enter their home or business with ease. Accidentally locking themselves outside is a thing of the past with our affordable digital door lock solutions.

Our digital door lock suppliers

Homegrown heroes, Gainsborough develop their products right here in Australia. Designed with style and functionality front of mind, Gainsborough products are made for everyday living. With simple installation and user friendly hardware, Gainsborough have perfected their products over 50 years of innovation.

Every day since 1840, Yale locks have been trusted to keep homes and businesses safe from intruders. From the first small lockshop opened in the US by Linus Yale, to now being available in over 120 countries around the world, Yale takes pride in creating products which are durable, affordable and stylish.

From residential homes to the iconic Sydney Opera House, Lane products can be found all over Australia. First established in Newcastle in 1919, Lane Hardware has a long history of supplying high quality and innovative products. Unapologetically Australian for over 100 years, Lane Hardware provide stylish and functional digital door lock products.

Experts for more than 100 years, Schlage are industry leaders in all things locks. Established in 1920, founder Walter Schlage recieved the Modern Pioneer Award for outstanding American inventors for his work in advancing the concept of a cylindrical pin-tumbler lock. Schlage don’t just sell locks, they create, live and breathe them.

Digital door lock benefits

Introduce your clients to a new level of home security with Dahlsens digital door locks. Your clients will love benefits such as:

  • The ability to monitor their door security through their phone
  • The ability to allow visitors secure entry without a physical key
  • The peace of mind of knowing no spare keys are hidden in the yard
  • The convenience of leaving the house without keys

Builders and trade professionals will enjoy:

  • Easy installation with step by step and video instructions
  • Outstanding after-sales service and support
  • Convenient delivery options
  • Potential for upgrade profit margins

Digital door locks from Dahlsens

Yale Unity Smart Locks

Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Yale’s Unity Entrance Lock contains patented digital deadlocking technology and is able to lock both the internal and external handles of your door lock. Manufactured to meet Australian standards AS4145.2:2008, SL8 and D8, the Yale Unity digital lock provides a sleek, modern security solution without compromising on security.

Your customers can instantly see the lock status thanks to the built in LED

  • Green LED indicates unlocked
  • Yellow LED indicates locked
  • Red LED indicates secure

Standard kits are controllable by key card or the Yale Access App, and the Unity lock can be upgraded with the Yale Smart Keypad for additional access options. Your customers can also choose visitor access options for additional security such as:

  • One time access only
  • Access for a set period of time only
  • Access for a specified date range only

Multi-technology options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and the Yale Access App mean that no matter which technology your client prefers, they can have their door auto-unlock as they approach for maximum convenience.

Lane Grande

Protect your clients home with style when you choose a digital door lock from the Lane Grande range. Designed to look minimalist and sleek, Lane Grange digital locks are perfect for your more discerning clients who value quality security to complement their elegant decor.

With a Lane Grande lock, your customers can control and monitor their home security with their smartphone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. From knowing who’s accessing their home or business, allowing entry to a guest or to being able to check whether their door is locked or unlocked from anywhere in the world, Lane Grande locks are packed with features.

With a unique design consisting of a combined modern pull handle and digital door lock, the Grande range is available in multiple colour options.

The 750mm pull handle is available in:

  • Matte black
  • Satin stainless steel

The stylish deadbolt options come in:

  • Matte black
  • Satin nickel

The entry-level option includes two IC cards for easy tap and go entry. Upgrade your clients’ solution with the Lane Electronic Gateway to enable smart remote use using:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Works with Alexa
  • Works with Google Assistant

Schlage Ease

For a smart security all-rounder, the Schlage Ease Smart Deadbolt and Entry Lock range is a stylish and practical option suited to most residential or commercial projects.

The Schlage Ease range is accessible via various options such as:

  • Touchpad
  • Key
  • Smartphone
  • Voice command via Google Assistant
  • Voice command via Amazon Alexa

Designed for ease of use at every step, the Schlage smart lock range is easy to set up and program, ensuring your labour costs remain low.

Your customers will rave about:

  • Built-in alarm technology which senses security breaches at the lock
  • Random PIN number function for additional entry code security
  • Convenient programming through the Schlage Abode app
  • Keyless living with multiple access options
  • Remote access via the Schlage Wi-Fi Bridge (add-on option)
  • Ability to store up to 20 access codes
  • Low battery indicator warns of upcoming battery replacement weeks in advance
  • Emergency battery power available using a micro USB power bank

Builders will appreciate the trade-friendly features such as:

  • Smart locks able to be retrofitted in minutes using only a screwdriver
  • Ability to switch from normal to passage mode when using the Schlage Ease S2 Smart Entry Lock

Gainsborough Trilocks

Combining contemporary style with the latest in door locking technology, Gainsborough’s Trilocks are suited to any residential build. Featuring state of the art tarnish-resistant finishes, Trilocks allow your clients to express their signature style with complementary levers throughout their home.

Your customers will love:

  • Convenient smartphone control via the Gainsborough Freestyle app
  • Google home compatibility (with the Gainsborough Freestyle app)
  • Amazon Alexa compatibility (with the Gainsborough Freestyle app)
  • Ability to invite, assign and schedule up to 20 users
  • Included emergency override keys
  • Choice of matte black or brushed satin chrome to complement any home decor

Trade professionals will appreciate:

  • Levers can be easily rotated for installation on left or right-hand doors
  • Deadbolt 20mm throw for extra security
  • Lock body readily replaces old keylocks fitted to a strandard 54mm hole
  • Solid brass double five pin Euro profile cylinder can be keyed alike to other Gainsborough products for same key convenience

Digital door locks comparison guide

Gainsborough Digital Trilock  Yale Unity Schlage Ease Lane Grande
Access lock remotely with WIFI through app
Digital Screen Door Lock
Geo fencing (automatically unlock
in your presence)
Voice control
Built-in alarm
Pull Handle with
inbuilt digital lock
Cost  $$  $$  $  $ - $$$
Key included    

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