Doors play such a pivotal role in our day-to-day lives, not only from a functional perspective, but also bringing our unique style to life both inside and out. Corinthian Doors have the range, expertise, and operational capabilities to fulfill all your entrance and interior door requirements.

From their latest on-trend ranges like the Manhattan and Elements collections, through to their ever popular Classic and Deco door ranges, Corinthian Doors have a wide range of door designs and door systems to choose from.

Backed by over 80 years of rich history, a passionate team of door experts, and a focus on continuous operational improvement – selecting Corinthian Doors’ products for your new build or renovation project is a wise choice.

Take a look at some of Corinthian Doors feature product ranges below, or view the Corinthian Doors catalogue to explore the full range of door designs and solutions available.

Elements Collection Entrance Doors

The architecturally-designed Elements collection is crafted to make an unforgettable first impression. Each unique entrance door is made from sustainable timber and finished with a textured oak veneer that can be stained a diverse spectrum of colours.

Choose from a range of bespoke designs and add your own finishing touch with a selection of luxurious oversized timber handles.

The Elements collection is available in both wide and standard sizes.

Blonde Oak Entrance Doors

The pure versatility and simple elegance of each Blonde Oak entrance door makes them perfect for creating a clean, contemporary feel.

Crafted from sustainable solid timber with an American White Oak veneer, the Blonde Oak Collection opens up a world of design possibilities. Offering a range of sleek, door designs, Blonde Oak is sure to add value, appeal and intrigue to any home’s façade.

The Blonde Oak Collection is available in a range of standard sizes. Custom made sizes are also available to suit specific openings.

Infinity Entrance Doors

Constructed from select hardwoods to suit Australia’s heat and humidity, the Infinity range is highly durable. The Infinity’s stile and rail design, rich timber grain and solid panels make it as beautiful as it is practical.

Along with innovation and design, one of the great strengths of Corinthian Doors is their flexibility. Whilst their standard sizing will cater for most homes, they can also provide doors to fit specific sizing requirements.

Manhattan Collection Interior Doors

Manhattan is a collection of eight interior doors designed to provide an ultra-stylish feature in your next renovation or new build.

Manufactured from sustainably sourced timber and FSC certified, The Manhattan Collection available in clear or translucent glazing and provides installation flexibility across a full range of internal application.

The Manhattan Collection is paired with the Attica range of hardware which is exclusively designed to fit the narrow stile profile measuring 60mm. Corinthian Doors makes achieving industrial-chic easy.

Moda Primed Interior Doors

Simplicity and strength combine to create doors that are perfect for an array of architectural designs.

The Moda Collection is based on the aesthetic principles of the Shakers, a classic American style that pares designs down to their bare essentials. The range features 24 designs with horizontal and vertical rails that will match the lines of any interior.

Each door in the Moda Collection is factory-primed on all sides and edges. As a result, they deliver a superior paint finish with any sheen, whether matt, semi-gloss or gloss.

The Moda Collection is available in a range of standard sizes. Custom made sizes to suit specific openings are also available.

Moda White Oak Interior Doors

The natural grain of timber is like a unique fingerprint, making each Moda White Oak interior door a one-off design. And with a light and versatile American White Oak veneer, these doors can be stained and painted to express your interior vision with clarity and style. As a perfect complement to our Blonde Oak entrance door collection, this range will lend a strong sense of cohesion to the home. Available as a solid, glazed or mirror door.

The Moda White Oak Collection is available in a range of standard sizes. Custom made sizes are also available to suit specific openings.

Moda Barn Doors

Across any architectural style, The Moda Barn Door Collection offers a range of popular designs that add eye-catching character to any home. And they’re equally versatile in their application, being the ideal transition piece between rooms. A modern space saver, they can provide openness and fluidity or division and intimacy. Available in two finishes: an American White Oak veneer that’s perfect for staining, or Primed, providing a smooth paint finish.

The Moda Barn Collection is available in a range of standard sizes. Custom made sizes to suit specific openings also available.

Deco Interior Doors

The Deco collection, influenced by the international Art Deco design movement, uses clean lines and geometry to open up a world of modern design. With 15 Deco doors to choose from, Corinthian Doors offers the largest range of routered doors.

Every door in the Deco collection is crafted using Corinthian Doors’ coveted 4.75mm premium door skins. These primed skins are purpose-designed to deliver a superior finish to any paint sheen used, whether it is matt, semi-gloss or full gloss.

The clean and crisp square profile routing on both sides of the door, cuts deep into the premium skin, evoking striking shadows within the line work.

Deco interior doors are available in a range of standard sizes. Custom made solutions to suit specific openings are also available.

Available in Honeycomb Core and Solid Core door construction options.

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