Bondor® is Australia’s leader in complete thermal building solutions and lightweight architectural panels. With unrivalled experience in design assistance and construction in commercial, residential, and industrial sectors, Bondor® is constantly working on solutions for industrial and commercial building customers across Australia.

Bondor® offers the most comprehensive range of insulated sandwich panel (ISP) products and systems on the Australian market, offering building solutions that solve many construction challenges. With a focus on simplifying construction processes, reducing timelines, and sustainable practise and products, Bondor® is the preferred ISP partner for hundreds of builders, architects, and developers across the country.

Bondor products are independently assessed under the CodeMark Certification Scheme providing third-party verification that building products meet the requirements of the NCC. Bondor has the largest number of CodeMark certifications in our industry, providing confidence that our products conform to Australian Standards. Our products also come with independently assessed Environmental Product Declarations which designers and builders can use when determining a building’s environmental footprint.

Bondor® has been at the forefront of the Australian panel industry for over 65 years. This has provided us with significant experience in both manufacturing and installing panel to suit Australian conditions, and to meet Australian building codes and regulations.

SolarSpan® Insulated Roof Panel

SolarSpan® is Australia’s leading all-in-one insulated roofing panel solution offering, ceiling, insulation and roof sheet in one product for optimal thermal and build efficiency when constructing high performance building envelopes.

SolarSpan® offers long-spans, low pitch, and high thermal efficiency to satisfy Section J requirements in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. It’s faster to install than conventional roofing, eliminating the need for additional structural supports and extra layers as required in traditional roofing systems, such as purlins, beams, trusses, mesh, sarking, insulation, and plasterboard.

CodeMark™ certified and tested to Australian Standards, SolarSpan® features a COLORBOND® steel exterior roof layer and a pre-finished ceiling underside in a wide variety of contemporary colours.

SolarSpan® is the perfect aesthetic and efficient solution for residential homes, carports, shade structures and awnings; SolarSpan® is also an ideal choice for warehouses, large-scale retail and commercial builds, and exhibition and convention centres.

InsulRoof® Next Gen Corro Roof

The next generation in Australian residential roofing has been realised with InsulRoof®. InsulRoof® is the inspired roofing solution, delivering Australian homes the ultimate in thermal and aesthetic benefits.

The steel insulated roofing panel features contoured COLORBOND® roof lines and dual layers of high performance SupaCore® insulation, as well as a pre-painted COLORBOND® steel underside.

These high strength panels allow for impressive spans and are faster to install, eliminating the need for traditional trusses, mesh, sarking, insulation, plasterboard and supporting trades. Offering long spans and low maintenance, InsulRoof® is a cost-effective construction solution with proven compliance and sustainability credentials.

Available nationwide with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty and up to 25 year COLORBOND® steel warranty, InsulRoof® is the inspired solution for Australian homes.

LuxeWall® Luxury Walling

The LuxeWall® luxury walling system is a CodeMark™ accredited, cost-effective architectural cladding solution available in a range of luxury finishes.

Architects, developers and building designers appreciate this advanced lightweight cladding technology for its smooth aesthetic finish, high performance integrated insulation options, and delivery of beautiful and sustainable buildings on budget and on time.

LuxeWall’s credentials and specifications mean it is not only the perfect solution for residential builds located on the property boundary line, but also for multi-residential and commercial applications.

The LuxeWall® colour palette includes a range of architectural Matte & Metallic lustre finishes on durable COLORBOND® steel, or pre-primed steel ready for texture coatings for a more traditional masonry appearance.

LuxeWall® provides the freedom to explore a wide range of colours, finishes, and profiles to achieve your design aspirations and meet building requirements. Whether it be for a feature wall, decorative facade, general upper and lower storey walling, or boundary walling – LuxeWall® is the most versatile and effective walling solution.

Bondor in action

SolarSpan – Bardon Playhouse, Brisbane

What started as a discussion to replace a run-down children’s backyard fort with ‘a little deck’ at Bardon, in Brisbane’s inner north, turned into the ultimate family playhouse ideal for young and old alike.

A 90m2 indoor-outdoor ‘playhouse’ was conceived, a build that felt like it was part of the natural location and flowed through to connect to the existing house.

The architect needed a roofing product that was contemporary in style and in keeping with the existing house that offered durability and low maintenance. SolarSpan was chosen, as opposed to a traditional roofing system, for its simplicity, functionality, and ease of installation.

InsulRoof – Melton Beach House

The homeowner envisioned a space that was not only sleek and modern, but also one that felt open, spacious, and able to accommodate her family and friends.

With time to make up after COVID-related restrictions delaying build time, the homeowner needed products that were quick and easy to install while making efficient use of the available space and giving plenty of natural lighting.

Bondor’s InsulRoof® and LuxeWall® were incorporated into the design and construction of the home, giving it a modern and monochrome look and feel. InsulRoof® panels were the perfect inclusion to the design thanks to the span across the rooftop and low maintenance, as well as the continuity of the valuable natural light and regulated temperature.

LuxeWall® – Parkdale, Victoria

The homeowners were looking to build a home with maximum visual impact in keeping with Parkdale’s housing mix, while achieving superior sustainability and affordability during both the build and over the lifetime of the home.

The two-storey home presented additional challenges, from site restrictions during the build affecting neighbouring properties to achieving the desired internal ceiling heights while meeting external height restrictions. Motivated by the high insulation and sustainability attributes of the product, the homeowners chose LuxeWall® for all external facades on the impressive two-storey home.

Bondor’s products offered speed of construction as the prefabricated panels are lifted and locked into place, eliminating the need for more traditional labour-intensive processes.

Working with Bondor

At Bondor®, we are ready to meet any challenge. Whether for a complex major project or a small do-it-yourself kit, we can develop an economical solution, combining extensive knowledge of product capabilities and customer requirements.

Based in every state of Australia, we are readily available to discuss customers’ needs. Armed with years of experience in their own local markets, Bondor® people understand the particular needs of particular areas – and can draw on the combined knowledge and expertise of the entire Bondor® network to develop innovative solutions to new and different project challenges.

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