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Reliable supply of truss and frame is critical in the success of a build. When it comes to selecting a truss and frame prefabricator, how do you know you’re partnering with a manufacturer you can trust?

At Dahlsens, our experience has taught us a thing or two about manufacturing quality truss and frame you can count on. Since starting our prefab journey in Wagga Wagga in 1992, we have grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of truss and frame in Australia, with 16 dedicated plants across the country.

Team of truss and frame experts

When you partner with the Dahlsens team for truss and frame, you are partnering with Australia’s most knowledgeable prefabrication experts.

Mark Cooper, General Manager Dahlsens, is well known in the industry for his extensive truss and frame manufacturing knowledge. Through his long career starting from the ground up in both truss and frame manufacturing and trade, Mark uniquely understands the industry and the builder.

“At Dahlsens, our family owned and operated business is committed and driven to provide a reliable service and product, suitable for each customer’s needs,” he said.

“Dahlsens owns and operates more truss plants than any other business in Australia – across five states. This creates a multi-site, multi-state offer. Wherever you’re building, we can supply. If we see an opportunity to save you time and money, we’ll go out of our way to offer it.

“Dahlsens employs 200 people in our frame and truss division. Of that, 80 team members are technical people with knowledge they share with each other. If one team member doesn’t have a solution for a particular job, we have 79 others to seek technical knowledge from,” said Mark.

Compliance you can trust

Andrew Sternberg, Truss and Frame Systems and Technical Manager, said Dahlsens has the resources to keep up with changing rules and regulations within the Australian Standards and the National Construction Code.

“We guarantee that what we’re supplying is 100% code compliant and builders can trust that we’ve delivered everything they need to get the job done safely and to have it passed by their surveyor,” he said.

“This includes all the bracing and tie downs needed to finish the job,” said Andrew.

Time-saving solutions with no delays

Dahlsens chooses to partner with Pryda for engineering software and hardware to design and manufacture truss and frame that exceeds industry standards.

Highly regarded for its innovative approach, Pryda has recently developed a number of solutions to save builders time and money onsite, such as SpeedTruss™, FastFixTM­, Internal Wall Screw and the Hinge-Out System.

“As one of the first truss and frame manufacturers to adopt and offer SpeedTruss™ to customers across our national network, the results clearly speak for themselves. The installation process is cut down by at least half a day, and it is dramatically safer. This is a significant benefit to builders. Our customers love it,” said Andrew.

“We invested the time up front to ensure SpeedTruss™ is 100% compliant, consulting with surveyors and arming them with the correct documentation to ensure there are no delays to sign off,” said Andrew.

Looking towards the future

Continuous improvement remains a priority for everyone at Dahlsens. It’s why we are investing in our manufacturing plants and trade teams and moving or expanding existing sites to larger warehouses with more room to grow.

“We see truss and frame as the most significant part of the building of the house,” Mark stressed.

“We continue to invest in truss and frame plants, the team, training, equipment and infrastructure because growing our truss and frame capability is a central part of our overall business strategy.

I take pride in our team’s work and strongly believe in the value that we bring to builders.” said Mark.

If you aren’t already using Dahlsens for your prefabricated truss and frame speak to your account manager or local Dahlsens manufacturing plant about accessing this trusted service.