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Above: cousins Ed (left) and Bill (right) with their grandfather, and owner of Dahlsens, John Dahlsen (centre).

Stepping into the Dahlsens family legacy

With 146 years of serving the community – Dahlsens has a special legacy. One that is not lost on Bill Cameron and Edward Ritchie, the family’s sixth generation. These two cousins are putting the effort in and enjoying the culture of the business.

Bill Cameron

Bill has been assisting the finance team since October 2022 and says growing up his perception of Dahlsens was that of a small family hardware store in East Gippsland.

“I really had no idea how big it was – or the fact that it is a top 500 private company,” says Bill.

“I am still studying and have several years of university ahead of me, but it’s really great to get experience and get to know the family business.”

Bill said that while he doesn’t see his cousin Ed at work because of their varied roles and locations, they talk about work when they catch up.

“It’s really good fun. There’s a good family culture at work and it’s great to know that Ed loves his work with Dahlsens too,” says Bill.

Edward Ritchie

Ed’s passion for Dahlsens is obvious. Since joining the business in 2016 there hasn’t been a job he won’t tackle – as he takes on his newest role on-the-tools at Craigieburn truss and frame plant, part-time while studying at university.

“It’s hands on and it’s constant,” says Ed.

“It’s just a really great business, and to see how many families it helps, how many jobs are created – it’s a good feeling to continue in the family business.”

While Ed has plenty of time to gain experience on the path to one day becoming one of the family leaders of Dahlsens, it’s great to know that he and Bill are both enjoying carrying on the Dahlsens legacy with respect and admiration from their colleagues for their serious efforts.