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Reduce the risk of injuries for you and your team with simple stretches

Warming up before starting construction work (or any work involving heavy lifting) is just as important as athletes getting ready for a sporting event. Stretching helps avoid the most common body strains and sprains – and is essential before lifting to help prevent back injuries.

Start with a warm up

  • Wrist rolls x10
  • Shoulder shrug and roll x10
  • A quick walk
  • Fist open and close x10
    Arm Circles

  • Raise arms to shoulder height, face palms down
  • Circle one way 10 times
  • Then the other way 10 times and repeat
Chest and Shoulder Stretch

  • Standing next to the wall, step forward slightly with one leg
  • Place opposite hand on the wall, elbow shoulder height
  • Move torso forward slightly to feel the stretch
  • Swap sides and repeat a few times
Gentle Side Stretch

  • Stand feet shoulder width apart
  • Bring one arm up above your head, place other hand on hip
  • Tilt slightly towards hand on hip side and hold for 5 seconds
  • Swap sides and repeat a few times

  • Stand, feet slightly apart, knees slightly bent, toes point forward
  • Extend one leg, heel to ground, raise toes
  • Place both hands on the upper thigh of the extended leg
  • Slightly bend other leg
  • Hold for 5 seconds, step feet back together
  • Swap sides and repeat a few times

Making sure you and your team members are physically ready for work supports a health culture, can increase performance and reduce injury. So take care and take the time to look after yourself and your team.