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Situated in Sarsfield, East Gippsland, an area that was devastated in the 2019-20 bushfires, the latest Ivers Construction project stands proudly like a phoenix that has risen from the ashes.

The sleek, modern build certainly lifted the spirits of its owners, who had been through a tough couple of years after losing their beautiful home and all their belongings in the bushfires.

“They lost everything, their belongings, their sheds, their house. Absolutely everything. It’s a beautiful, big property. It’s got an amazing outlook. Beautiful spot. They lost the lot,” said Matt Ivers, Construction Director.

Born and bred in Bairnsdale and having lived his whole life in East Gippsland, Matt and the Ivers Construction team are well-known and respected throughout the region. All Ivers Construction projects are personally managed by Matt, who worked closely with the owners of the spectacular build.

Following the bushfires, his clients were placed into emergency housing and eventually moved back onto the property, living in a van before moving into a modular house while Matt and his team worked tirelessly to rebuild their dream home.

“The (new) home was designed by Sands Building Design. They’re one of the top architects in Bairnsdale and have designed the house beautifully to suit the block, the outlook and the view,” Matt said.

“One of the standout features is the master bedroom, which is adjoined by a stunning en-suite. The master leads out onto a large and impressive balcony that enjoys unparalleled views of the surrounding area.

“Another great feature has to be the NewTechWood decking. It’s one of the most natural looking composite timbers on the market. It really gives it an incredible finish that’s in keeping with the surroundings,” Matt added.

Matt’s local Dahlsens branch in Bairnsdale supplied whole of house materials, which included truss and frame, NewTechWood decking and lights, plaster, flooring, door furniture, doors, fix out, glass balustrading, insulation and timber for the stairs.

Like the rest of the building industry, Ivers Construction faced challenges stemming from the COVID pandemic.

The build started at the end of July 2021 and, despite the challenges, was completed in May 2022, a testament to Matt and his team’s organisation, as well as his strong relationship with his Dahlsens Bairnsdale Account Manager, Dane Chambers.

“Our success was a combination of factors. Firstly, our organisation and project management. Secondly, the support and materials supplied from our mates at Dahlsens, especially by keeping us on top of the ever-changing supply chain dramas that were happening at the time.”

Dane and the Bairnsdale team were on hand to support Matt and the team throughout the whole build.

“I took on the Ivers account two years ago, when they were starting to grow as a business. Matt and I worked very closely on planning the materials supply needs for his projects and our relationship has become really close, which gives me (and Dahlsens Bairnsdale) confidence that we can play an important role for Matt and be a big part of their success.

“Matt and I talk about the partnership approach a lot. He’s said to me on more than one occasion it wouldn’t be possible for him to do what they’re doing without our support – and vice versa. We wouldn’t be able to contribute as effectively as we can without Matt and his team involving us every step of the way.

“It’s fantastic and it makes me feel really proud and satisfied knowing the work that we’re putting in is helping someone succeed in their business,” Dane says.

Congratulations on all you are doing, Matt. It’s a pleasure to support you.