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At Dahlsens, we are committed to making our industry safer, partnering up with innovative suppliers to bring you smart solutions like SpeedTrussTM from Pryda. This is a game-changing, new truss installation system which is helping make building sites a safer place to work.

According to WorkSafe Victoria, working from heights continues to be a high-risk activity, accounting for a disproportionate rate of fatalities and serious injuries in the building and construction industry.

For over 50 years, Pryda has delivered engineered productivity solutions to help builders do their best work.

One of their latest innovations, SpeedTrussTM, is a game changer for roof truss installation, enabling builders to work faster, easier and, most importantly, safer.

A prefabricated truss system that functions like an assembly kit, SpeedTrussTM incorporates pre-installed screws that remove the need for temporary fixing which reduce truss installation time.

Builders can simply place, swing and screw trusses into place, all from the safety of a step ladder. No more tie-downs or triple grips.

“Speed and safety don’t normally go hand in hand, but what we discovered was that taking some of the most dangerous steps out of the truss installation process was also the key to getting them up quickly,” says Pryda Technical Manager Adam Dawson.

“When you can work from below top plate level and only visit each connection once, there’s simply less chance for something to go wrong.”

The instant gains from Pryda’s SpeedTrussTM are huge time savers, together with the elimination of installation guesswork, and the precarious at-height hammer work for carpenters.

Here’s what builders are saying about Pryda SpeedTrussTM

“SpeedTrussTM is nice and safe – you’re up on the ladder once, not double handling everything.”

“Never thought I’d see the day when I didn’t have to spend half of it doing tie-downs.”


  • Safe Work Australia statistics show that 18% of workplace fatalities in the construction industry are the result of falls from heights
  • Pryda’s SpeedTrussTM allows you to install trusses from below the top plate. Not only is it safer to install, but it’s also faster – saving an entire day’s work (based on the roof of a typical detached house)

If you aren’t already using Pryda SpeedTrussTM on your prefabricated trusses from Dahlsens, speak to your account manager or local Dahlsens truss and frame manufacturing plant about adopting this innovative new solution.