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As the industry braces itself for the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022 update, builders are facing a myriad of challenges. In our quest to understand how builders are navigating these changes, we spoke to several customers. Their insights shed light on the collective challenges faced in these transformative times.

Ashley Young, IBG Gippsland

When asked about their preparedness for the NCC 2022 changes, Ashley Young from Independent Builders Gippsland replied, “We’re trying our best to be prepared.” This sentiment echoes throughout the industry as builders strive to stay ahead of the curve.

Ashley emphasises the steps IBG Gippsland is taking to prepare: “Making sure that our standard house plans make the code and looking at products and other solutions to ensure we meet the new standards.” This proactive approach signifies their commitment to compliance.

However, Ashley also voices a common concern among builders: the availability of clear and consistent information. He explains, “There’s conflicting things out there about the NCC changes.” Builders are turning to trusted sources and governing bodies for guidance.

In terms of the specific NCC changes that will impact IBG Gippsland, Ashley points to accessibility standards as a major challenge. Adapting standard plans to accommodate accessible living requirements poses a significant hurdle. Collaborative efforts are crucial in addressing these challenges, with Ashley highlighting their engagement with suppliers like Dahlsens. He states, “It’s about collaborating to make sure the outcomes are compliant with building regulations moving forward.”

Lockie Graves, About Bright Builders

Lockie Graves from About Bright Builders is keenly focused on wet area compliance, stating, “Just making sure that anything to do with waterproofing is up to date. And all these mobility aspects we’re talking about, I’m trying to keep-up with all that.”

Like Ashley, Lockie appreciates the challenges of staying well-informed: “It’s hard to filter down the line sometimes. Navigating the complexities of new guidelines requires diligence.”

When asked about what could further aid his preparations, Lockie confirms the importance of having access to the right standards and information: “You’ve got to make sure you have the standards. You’ve got to make sure you’re looking at the right information.”

Chandana Abayawardana, Ranshe

Chandana Abayawardana from Ranshe provides an interesting perspective, focusing on the impact of the NCC 2022 changes on costs. He explains, “The main concern we have is the increase of cost. The new measures result in an increase of costs, and unfortunately that will have to be passed on to the customer—a challenge for them in an already complex economic time.”

Chandana emphasises the importance of working with suppliers to mitigate these cost increases but acknowledges the challenges in obtaining price reductions from suppliers.

When asked about what Dahlsens could do to help, Chandana suggests exploring the potential for suppliers to reduce costs, thereby allowing builders to keep prices competitive.

Joel Lehmann, Swanbuild

Joel Lehmann from Swanbuild, a company known for its commitment to energy-efficient homes, shares his thoughts on preparations for NCC 2022. Joel emphasises the importance of staying informed, stating, “We’ve really appreciated the information that Dahlsens has sent out to us.”

For Joel, the key focus is on energy efficiency: “We’re going to make sure we can build to seven stars in the most stylish way possible—we want to be on top of that.”

The journey toward NCC 2022 compliance is marked by challenges, but our customers across Australia are committed to meeting these head-on.

Clear and consistent information remains a necessity, and builders are actively seeking guidance from trusted sources.

Whether by providing crucial information, fostering collaboration, or exploring cost-effective solutions, Dahlsens aims to be at the forefront with you—partnering to deliver high-quality, compliant projects for the future.

Find out what you need to know here, and check out our fact sheet here.