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Embrace the digital revolution with support from Dahlsens

We’ve all experienced arriving home at the end of a long day, laden with bags and shopping, and having to set them down as we fumble with keys to open the front door. As our day-to-day lives get busier, we want convenience and what could be more convenient than a front door that senses your presence and opens for you?

As a builder, the gift of convenience is in your hands. Share this life-changing technology with your clients, and they will be raving about it (and you!) for years to come.

Recommend digital, your business could benefit

  • Prepare to be praised – digital door locks create raving fans
  • Include a digital door lock as a standard inclusion and set your homes apart from the competition
  • Or, offer a digital door lock as an optional upgrade and unlock potential margin
  • Prices are comparable to mechanical locks for some models
  • Easy to install with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials
  • Fire rating on selected products
  • Great after-sales service and support

Once your clients go digital, they’ll never go back

  • No more lost keys or locking themselves out
  • Apps to lock or unlock the door, control access to the home remotely and monitor who comes and goes with certain models
  • Sleek and modern designs


Dahlsens is the dedicated trade supplier for digital door locks. We can train your team on the range and installation, and coordinate your orders using your usual Dahlsens account benefits.

To get ahead of the curve and learn more, please contact your Account Manager or local store today.

Yale Unity Smart Locks

With a simplistic, modern and secure design, the Yale Unity Entrance Series opens the door to a new range of digital opportunities. Now with the market-first Yale Smart Screen Door Lock, designed to be installed together with the Entrance Lock, your clients can have the extra security and convenience of a screen door with keyless entry technology. Plus, when your clients unlock their Yale Smart Screen Door Lock, the Entrance Lock will automatically unlock too.

Lane Grande

The Lane Grande range allows your clients to take control of the security of their homes, unlock their door from their smartphone, know who has had access, and if their door is locked or unlocked, from anywhere in the world.

  • Unique pull handle and digital door lock in one
  • Connect to your WIFI network for convenient remote operation via app
  • The Lane Grande Deadlock offers a great, entry-level option

The Schlage Ease™ Smart Deadbolt and Entry Lock range offers stylish locks with modern functions. Consider the sleek design of the deadbolt or the convenience of the entry lock, providing the family with easy security for smarter living.

  • Various access options include touchpad, key or smartphone
  • Easy to set up and program
  • Use voice commands via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Built-in alarm technology senses potential security breaches at the lock

The new Trilock® combines Gainsborough’s signature style with the latest technology. Whether it’s checking if the house is locked, or if the family has arrived home, this smart lock gives your clients unparalleled convenience and peace of mind. Plus, Gainsborough Freestyle now works with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

  • Smart phone app and voice control access when used with Gainsborough Freestyle Wi-Fi bridge
  • Assign, invite and schedule up to 20 users
  • Emergency override keys included
  • Available in matt black and brushed satin chrome


Compare the features

All locks are easy to install and come with back up technical support for peace of mind.

Gainsborough Digital Trilock  Yale Unity Schlage Ease Lane Grande
Access lock remotely with WIFI through app
Digital Screen Door Lock
Geo fencing (automatically unlock
in your presence)
Voice control
Built-in alarm
Pull Handle with
inbuilt digital lock
Cost  $$  $$$  $  $ – $$$
Key included