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Todd Devine Homes, a leader in designing and constructing transportable homes in Victoria since 2002, offers unique living solutions from affordable to luxurious. Wayne Walsh, the General Manager, highlights their customer-centric approach tailored for people at different life stages.

Growing demand

Over the past three years, Todd Devine Homes has experienced significant growth, expanding from 30 to 52 staff members—a 41 per cent increase. Wayne, overseeing various aspects of the business, attributes this success to being a preferred builder for Lifestyle Communities for 15 years. In 2022, they marked the completion of their 3,000th home and secured a five-year exclusive builder agreement with Lifestyle Communities.

As Australia’s population ages, Todd Devine Homes has started a new development on Phillip Island. Remarkably, they sold 100 homes before the sales office opened.

Trusted suppliers

Wayne tells us partnerships with quality suppliers like Dahlsens ensures a reliable supply chain for critical components, like trusses and frames.

“It’s essential that I sure-up our supply chain. The likes of the Dahlsens truss and frame, as well as plasterers and cabinet makers, have been a critical part of our growth,” says Wayne.

From affordable to luxurious

Despite their transportable nature, these homes don’t compromise on style. Wayne says clients often choose two to three-bedroom homes with luxurious features, akin to a Hampton’s-style aesthetic.

Most rewarding part

Wayne finds the most rewarding aspect of his job is receiving letters from satisfied clients. “We got a really good letter from a client yesterday. It was a phenomenal letter, and we love sharing these with our team. It makes our work worthwhile,” says Wayne.