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The most rewarding part of this family business is seeing our own people thrive and grow. Taking on opportunities head first are some talented team members at Myrtleford, Thomastown and Laverton as they rise to the challenge to train, develop and lead – delivering the best serviceto our customers.

Vinnie Paglia has been the supervisor at Dahlsens Myrtleford and has headed to Laverton to take on the assistant manager role. Once Vinnie has completed his training, he will become the branch manager from 2024.

“It’s a great career progression for me. I love working with Dahlsens and want to keep progressing,” said Vinnie.

“I have been working with Dahlsens for three years now. I started in hardware while I was still at school – working casually in the hardware side of things on weekends. Then a role came up in sales and I have just kept progressing. I had an interest in moving to Melbourne so when the opportunity came up to help out at Laverton, I went down there and gave them a hand. Obviously, it’s going to be a bit of a change going to Laverton but I like a challenge,” Vinnie said.

Vinnie is supported by Jace Lucas, who continues to upskill himself while he mentors Chris and Vinnie.

Jace said it was easy to spot the talent and potential of Vinnie.

“I’m keen to shadow him, show him the ropes, how to manage some of the trickier things and support him to understand the specific needs of our customers.”

“With Vinnie taking on greater responsibility, it gives me room to move,” said Jace.

Thomastown branch team member Scott McKenzie who has been with Dahlsens for six years, has taken on the new role of timber buyer which will help keep the stock levels at the right balance for customers, especially as freighting complexities remain.

Scott said he enjoys learning and sharing the knowledge he has gained at Dahlsens.

“I want to step up and challenge myself,” he said.

All team members will be taking part in various on-the-job and structured learning programs to support a successful, efficient and confident transition into their new roles.

Dahlsens remains dedicated to growth – and what better way than growing from within by investing in our people – helping everyone to provide the best customer service possible?

Congratulations to Vinnie, Scott and Jace on your enormous contribution thus far. We’re so grateful for all you are doing. A big well done to Vinnie for completing your Diploma of Business. We’re in good hands.