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Dahlsens Launches Employee Assistance Program

At Dahlsens, we prioritise the health and safety of our team members first and foremost. We take responsibility to care for the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our team, supporting our people to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. Last year we launched our health and wellbeing program, Be Well.

Through Be Well, Dahlsens shines a light on important issues which affect the health of our team, their families and our communities. And now we are excited to launch the next stage of our commitment, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We tell you about this program to help spread the word that such services exist.

Through the EAP, all of our Dahlsens team members and their immediate families can access free counselling, support and guidance from a range of professionals about topics such as personal issues, conflict, money, family assistance, nutrition, legal advice as well as career assistance and support for managers.

The professionals on the other end of the line are qualified experts in their fields and can provide valuable advice and support to our team when they need it most.

Team members can access the support directly and confidentially, and don’t need to be in a time of crisis. Dahlsens encourages all of our team to take advantage of the service and reach out to the professionals, even before a challenge arises. No matter who you are at Dahlsens, you have the opportunity to have a total of three free sessions across the assist streams. After all, without our health, what do we have?

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