Design and insulation in one

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This modern building material promises to speed up construction, keep homes more comfortable and offers an architectural edge.

With rising electricity prices and changing weather conditions, home buyers are increasingly seeking building materials that offer superior thermal performance – without having to compromise on aesthetics. Enter LuxeWall®, a new luxury external walling system that combines the high-performance insulating properties of expanded polystyrene with the sleek, architectural look of metal cladding.

Lightweight and available in a range of Colorbond® Metallic and Matt finishes, LuxeWall® can be used as a feature wall, decorative façade or general upper and lower storey walling. Installation is fast and simple with the wall and corner modules interlocking to neatly finish with a concealed fix.

Surprisingly cost-effective given its host of benefits, LuxeWall® is a great solution for homes being built in fire-prone areas. Its panels are made from fire-retardant polystyrene or mineral wool and prefinished in non-combustible Colorbond® or pre-primed steel, achieving a Bal 40 rating.

Features and Specifications:

  • Sleek, architectural look with 3 modern profiles
  • Superior thermal properties achieving R-values from 1.8 – 4.2
  • Available in both matt and metallic lustre finishes
  • Codemark® accredited
  • BAL 40 fire rating
  • Made using Colorbond® or pre-primed steel for texture coatings
  • Wall and corner modules interlock and fix with a concealed system
  • Fix to traditional timber or metal stud wall framing
  • Faster construction times and lower maintenance due to pre-finished exterior

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