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Darker hues are becoming increasingly popular as more homeowners and builders look to incorporate shades of sultry black into their homes to achieve that dramatic wow factor. Now, you can offer your clients the matte finish they love, in an even darker shade for maximum impact – Midnight Matte from Unicote LUX.

The darkest matte finish currently available, Midnight Matte is Unicote LUX’s latest offering from its premium range of highly durable, pre-painted steel cladding and roofing. Your clients are sure to love the resulting sleek, commanding look Midnight Matte gives.

For a fresh, sleek look

Showcasing a crisper, deep-black aesthetic, Midnight Matte is an ideal choice for a range of modern house styles, including scandi-barn. Achieve the desired look you’re after with this purposefully designed metal cladding, made specifically for Australian architecture.

Available in Nailstrip and Interlocking profiles, your clients will delight in the vertically grooved style while your team will appreciate the ease of installation.

Superior corrosion protection

Unicote LUX products are painted onto an AM150 metallic coating, providing superior corrosion protection. They are humidity resistant and meet the requirements of Australian Standards for salt spray. This means that Midnight Matte can be offered with stronger warranties for properties closer to the water, making it ideal for coastal living.

Why Unicote LUX

Unicote LUX is a luxury pre-painted patterned steel product, combining the world’s best coil coating technology with rigorous Australian Standards testing. Under normal well washed conditions of exposure, Unicote LUX can be expected to show no cracking, flaking or peeling of the paint film for 20 years from the time of installation.

Favoured by Australian architects and designers for its innovative design and performance, the result is an extremely durable, patterned paint system with exceptional colour and gloss retention compared with standard paint systems. Unicote LUX is built to resist UV damage from Australia’s harsh sun.


  • Up to 25 years warranty, depending on the location
  • Superior corrosion protection with AM150 coating
  • Darkest matte black metal cladding available on the market
  • Passes the test on Impact, QUV, humidity, UV, fire and scratch resistance

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