Builder profile: Swanbuild

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Family owned and operated, Swanbuild’s commitment to innovation, integrity and exceptional customer service is at the heart of its growth and success.

A company philosophy that embraces a positive and caring working environment for both team members and clients has helped retain quality staff while building a strong reputation in the building industry through word-of-mouth.

An inclusive environment and culture

Marketing Manager, Craig Perryman explains the secret to Swanbuild’s rapid success: “Our open communication and can-do attitude are essential to our business progress… as well as our ability to create a positive work environment where both staff and clients feel comfortable.”

“There is a sense of belonging when you walk through the doors at Swanbuild. Even clients compliment the welcoming feel of our office. That feeling is one of the best aspects of joining the Swanbuild team,” says Craig.

Based in Swan Hill, Victoria, Swanbuild has fast burgeoned from small beginnings. Founded by new apprentice Phil Perryman in 1979, the company has grown to a staff of approximately 60. Today, Swanbuild is a leading builder of modular homes in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

“There are always challenges when running a company. Fortunately for us, I would put most of these down to growing pains caused by the rapid expansion of Swanbuild,” says Craig.

The Dahlsens factor

“We have also had the fortune of positive business relationships with groups such as Dahlsens. Dahlsens have been very supportive in our growth plans and helped us to identify potential waste or areas of improvement with the products that we offer to our clients.”

Swanbuild has now expanded to encompass two separate divisions. Their commercial division, Pretect, has a customer-base spanning school buildings to government projects and the private sector. Their flagship brand, Swanbuild, continues to cater to first home buyers, retirees and farmers searching for quality accomodation units.

The diverse appeal of a Swanbuild home can be found in the organisation’s individualised approach to customer service, design and delivery.

“Our flexibility in design, with bespoke modular homes that are completely customised to the client’s needs and requirements, is paramount to the enduring appeal our business model,” explains Craig.

High standards a hallmark

Swanbuild is also known for its high standards, from quality product selection to project management, that result in consistent, on-time installations. Clients enjoy strong peace of mind backed by industry expertise and a reputation for success.

“We are well regarded for our efficient build times. Projects often take five to six months from the start to the finish of the building process. A typical factory build can be as swift as 15 to 20 weeks to complete.”

Swanbuild’s latest product offering, their recently launched Modular Concrete slab range, is set to further enhance building efficiencies. This cutting-edge technology allows a home to be built on a precast concrete slab and moved on-site when ready.

Once again, Swanbuild is moving forward with a keen eye on the future while retaining its commitment to the highest levels of customer care and service.