Australian Made for Australian builders

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With the global construction boom putting pressure on building material supply, securing reliable supply from high-quality, Australian manufacturers is more desirable than ever. That’s why Dahlsens partners with Galintel®, Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality steel lintel bars for the building and construction industry.

Manufacturing in Coffs Harbour, NSW for more than 40 years, Galintel® is committed to crafting Australian Made lintels that are innovative and compliant. Find out why fellow customer of Dahlsens, Bevnol, chooses Galintel® below…

Why builders like Bevnol choose Galintel?

Dan Champney, Senior Estimator at the family-owned Bevnol Homes in Melbourne, insists on Australian Made Galintel® steel lintels for all its projects.

“Being an Australian family run business, we pride ourselves on building a quality product. It makes sense that we specify that all Solid Base Angles and T-Bars used on our projects are Galintel® branded products,” said Dan.

“Galintel® products are available through the extensive Dahlsens branch network and as a local manufacturer, can provide Bevnol with reliable access to product not to mention technical support when needed.”

“Everything about Galintel® and its extensive range just works well for Bevnol, whether it’s the ease of ordering through Dahlsens, installation, being lightweight and strong, to the finish off at the end with paint,” said Dan.

Lintels manufactured in Australia

Galintel® sources high-quality Australian steel from BlueScope for its Australian Made lintels, which are manufactured at its plant in Coffs Harbour where over 50 highly skilled team members are employed. Galintel® is the only local Australian manufacturer and hot-dip galvanizer of Solid Base Lintels and T-Bars. Their off-the-shelf products are ready to go when you are, and backed by a 25-year warranty for peace of mind.

Compliance confidence

When you buy local Australian Made Galintel® steel products, you can be confident that they are compliant to Australian Standards and the National Construction Code of Australia. Furthermore, you can trust that they are made using high-quality steel of a particular grade, and are durable enough to withstand Australia’s harsh climate.

Left: T-Bars during the hot-dip galvanising process at Galintel® Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Right: The team at Galintel® prepare and weld T-Bar across multiple lines in Coffs Harbour, NSW.

If you’d like to know more about Australian Made lintels, please contact your local store.