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Complementing the increasing trend of vertical façades on modern homes, James Hardie’s latest innovation Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding is a durable fibre cement 14mm shiplap board with wide grooves and angled edges. Offering a point of difference, it is the only Hardie™ exterior cladding product with a slanted groove edge that mixes shadows and highlights, providing interest and depth.

Produced in 200mm and 300mm widths with 175mm and 275mm groove spacing, Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding presents builders with multiple installation options. These include the simple repetition of one width, an alternating rhythm or a staggered combination of two widths. When installed vertically, Hardie™ Oblique ™ Cladding delivers individuality to Scandi Barn, modern homes, and modern farmhouse design, while the two panel lengths make vertical installation efficient – the 2750mm panels suit common wall heights, while the 4200mm panels give tall walls a continuous look.

‘Twin Peaks’ Nathan Punton of PXA Architects used a combination of 200mm and 300mm widths of Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding in a bespoke vertical arrangement. “The pattern brings depth and character to the long elevations, as well as generous proportions and a modern look on account of the boards’ width,” said Nathan.

He also noted the two board widths allow for aligning with windows and architectural features while the length gives a sophisticated finish. “We didn’t need a flashing joint, and we used the full 4200mm panel for a full gable end and the 2700mm piece for the side elevations.”

Perfect for re-cladding existing homes, new builds or renovations, Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding is similar in appearance to standing seam metal cladding, and the easy-to-install fibre cement panels represent a durable, high-value alternative.

Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding does not require specialist installers, reducing the number of trades on site, while the new Hardie™ Castellated Batten method makes vertical installation straightforward and more cost-effective than with metal top hats behind every joint.

Mitchell Coll of Fabric Architects has specified Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding for recent projects and always had good feedback from builders, especially regarding ease of install. “Builders say how surprised they are about how easy it is to put up,” said Mitchell, who chose Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding for the upper storey of a recent new build for its superior wind protection and low maintenance properties. “Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding is our go-to product when we need a highly durable material with low-maintenance needs,” said Mitchell.

Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding’s design versatility can achieve multiple bespoke looks complemented by long-lasting durability to withstand Australian conditions. With straight-forward, easy installation and panels delivered pre-primed ready for painting, Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding is a win-win for builders and homeowners.

If you’d like to know more about this innovative new cladding solution, request installation training or to receive a quote, please speak to your Dahlsens account manager or your local store.