Airco Brands is a family-owned Australian company with a proud legacy of three generations leading and managing the business. Airco Brands has provided quality tools and fasteners to the construction, manufacturing, retail and rural markets for over 60 years and is one of the largest diversified fastener companies in Australia and New Zealand, boasting six distribution centres nationally.

Airco Brands had established itself as the go-to supplier in the market by pioneering industry leading quality control and designing products in Australia to ensure the products will always meet customer’s demands.

The Airco Brands portfolio includes Airco, SENCO, Otter and Colt, all of which are synonymous with quality, reliability and service. Airco Brands is ISO accredited, and employs first class systems and processes in relation to QC management, ensuring that products are quality assured.


Airco is a wholly Australian owned and operated business and one of the most trusted names in fastening, with a reputation built on providing quality nails, screws, staples, rings, and tools suited to trade and DIY.

Airco establishes itself as the go-to pneumatic tool and fastener brand in Australia by continually designing, developing and innovating industry leading solutions to suit the demands of local customers. With constant consultation with the market, Airco ensures it can develop tools and fasteners to suit the ever-evolving requirements of trade, manufacturing and retail consumers.


SENCO makes hard work easier — that’s its story. Since the beginning, SENCO has pioneered innovative solutions to practical challenges. In the process, it’s made jobsites all over the world safer and more efficient. Since its formation in 1935, SENCO has paved the way for countless innovations to satisfy the demands of professionals and contractors for all their fastening needs. With distribution networks in over 50 countries and manufacturing operations in North and South America, Europe and Asia, SENCO continues its obsession with quality by building tools and fasteners dedicated to achieve total customer satisfaction.

SENCO’s history of innovations began with developing the first end-loading magazine, first battery-powered nailer, first tool requiring no lubrication and the first true corrosion-resistant fastener with Weathertex®. SENCO continues to innovate and develop industry leading tools with innovations such as Oil-Free Low Noise Air Compressors, Cordless tools, high load automated fastening systems and an ever evolving battery platform.


Otter has been building Australia since 1950, and has entrenched itself as a brand built on a great tradition of vision, hard work and true entrepreneurial spirit. It continues to be a market leader in fasteners. Otter has remained true to its legacy as a champion for high quality and true professional grade fasteners over the last 70 years.

Boasting a comprehensive range of fastening solutions that service the wider market, Otter has fasteners to suit any job. The brand specializes in loose fasteners for any job; screws, nails, nuts & bolts, rivets and staples.

Otter product is immediately recognisable by its iconic yellow packaging and signature colour coded system. Furthermore, the Otter range is proudly backed by a history of market leading innovation and stringent quality control processes.

“When quality matters….It’s Gotter be Otter”


COLT, an Australian family owned brand, has long been synonymous with trade quality and considered a true tradesman’s workhorse compressor for use with pneumatic tools. The iconic orange tank is automatically recognisable and for a generation, has been known as the original orange tank compressor, not to be mistaken for other similar coloured products in the market.

Backed by world class technologies and leading R&D, COLT is able to produce the industry leading air compressors with the durability customer’s demand from an Australian brand. In 2023 the brand updated its compressor range with new Low Noise variants.

COLT compressors are Made for Aussie Trade, and the right choice when durability, reliability and efficiency are required.

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