Our People

Our People

We are a family-owned and operated trade supplies business, and our people are a major part of what makes us Dahlsens.

Our team of experts, many having been with us for decades, are the reason why we deliver high quality, trade-based customer service and products. We also know that our people are only as good as the training they receive and the leadership under which they operate.

 We strive to ensure our people are knowledgeable and skilled at their jobs. Our training begins at induction and continues throughout an employee’s time with Dahlsens. We also provide a safe and positive work environment, respecting the needs of our 1000 plus employees and offer various opportunities for personal growth.

You benefit by knowing our range of trade building products, from trusses and frames, to fix, fit out or hardware and tools, is serviced and sold with the backing of expertise and genuine know-how by our team.


At Dahlsens, we want to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate, and strive for a culture that operates both ethically and with integrity.

We believe in a core set of values which our staff bring to life in everything they do, making a positive impact on customers, community and family. Our team own, use, share and live our values, and work together to achieve our goals ensuring Dahlsens remains an enjoyable and satisfying place to work.

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY – we are each responsible for our own actions. We choose to step up and share the responsibility of leadership by making a positive, safety-first contribution.

EVERYONE CONTRIBUTES – This is a family business that thrives on teamwork. We each have a role to play and we value the contribution of others. We are diverse and celebrate people for themselves.

GROW TOGETHER – We enjoy the success of the business, continued personal development and the benefits of group collaboration.

For over 140 years we have maintained the spirit of the values that have shaped Dahlsens into the customer focussed company it is today, and we will continue to evolve our values to resonate with our people and today’s builders.


Our people are our number one asset and we want the very best team for our customers. We see customer service, product knowledge and selling skills as key attributes and offer a wide range of training opportunities to the team to ensure each member has the opportunity to develop their skills. We know that everyone’s role is critical in servicing our customers and treat all our employees alike, no matter what their role is within the company.

In return, we expect our staff to be reliable, with regular attendance, a commitment to their job and their colleagues. Most importantly we ask our staff to live by our values, as here at Dahlsens we want people who truly thrive on helping others and providing exceptional service in a fast-paced environment.


Dahlsens believes very strongly in ensuring our people are growing and learning the many skills and advancing knowledge required to keep up with the ever-changing building industry. Whether it’s skills-based learning, product knowledge, innovative solutions for builders, or industry regulations, Dahlsens offers many training opportunities to team members, including management training and leadership development.

We encourage a shared responsibility for learning, providing tools and opportunities to staff who are expected to use the tools, practise their skills and apply new knowledge to the job. We also expect our team members to drive their own learning and ensure managers are aware of their ambition and learning needs.

At Dahlsens, we encourage team members to reflect on learning outcomes to help us improve processes and service for our customers and our community.

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