Our People

Our People


We are a family owned and operated trade supplies business, so our people are a major factor at Dahlsens.

Many of our expert team members have been with us for decades, and we know that we can’t deliver high quality, trade-based customer service and product know-how without these great people. We also know that our people are only as good as the training they receive and the leadership under which they operate.

We strive to ensure our people are knowledgeable and skilled in doing their jobs. Our training begins at induction, continuing throughout the life of an employee within our business.

The benefit of this to our customers is clear. Our range of trade building products, covering foundation, frame and truss, lock up, fix, fit out, hardware and tools, and other trade services for builders, is serviced and sold with the backing of expertise and genuine know-how.


Every step of our people journey is populated with our set of core values.

Happiness – enjoying your work and showing it
Respect – treating internal and external people as you would like to be treated
Curiosity – being open minded, asking questions and continuous learning
Belonging – being part of the team, offering help where needed
Honesty – complete integrity in everything you do
Achievement – striving to achieve targets and get the best outcomes.

Dahlsens is a firm believer of developing and growing a culture of knowledge, expertise and a ‘can do’ attitude in all of our people.


On the Dahlsens recruitment journey, we see customer service, product knowledge and selling skills as critical attributes. We don’t treat our employees differently depending on their role. We know that everyone’s role is critical to servicing our customers.

We ask a lot from our team members. We ask for reliability, regular attendance, commitment to the job and team, a high level of accuracy and the ability to live by our values. At Dahlsens, we want people who thrive on helping others and providing truly great service in a fast paced environment.


Dahlsens offers a wide range of training opportunities to our team, covering skills based training, nationally recognised qualifications, on the job learning, coaching and mentoring, management training and leadership development.

Needless to say, product knowledge training and development is also critical to our success as a business and in earning credibility with our customers. This product-based training covers our whole range of brands and products, including foundation, frame and truss, lock up, fix, fit out, hardware and tools.

We encourage a shared responsibility for learning, providing tools and opportunities to team members who are expected to utilise the tools, practise their skills and apply new knowledge to the job. We also expect our team members to drive their own learning and ensure their manager knows of their ambition and learning needs.

We are more interested in learning from mistakes than finding who to blame and we encourage team members to reflect on their learning to improve processes and service for our customers.

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