About Us

about us


Dahlsens is a leading supplier of building materials to home builders, multi-unit commercial builders, building tradesmen, and serious home renovators. The Dahlsens Group (J C Dahlsen Pty Ltd) is made up of 4 subsidiaries: Dahlsens Building Centres, Cairns Hardware Company, Nortruss Group and Midcoast Timber Centres.

The company prides itself on having one of the largest trade store networks in Victoria and the necessary infrastructure to support builders of various sizes. This is strongly underpinned by the mission of the company, which provides a continued focus on Our People, Our Products, Our Service. 

We supply the building trade with a Whole-of-House solution; from foundation to fit out. From wall frames and roof trusses to doors, door handles, lightweight cladding, windows, roofing and kitchen, bathroom and lifestyle cabinetry, Dahlsens can provide the builder with a complete and reliable building solution. The company endeavours to simplify and improve the building process and has done so since 1877. This is just the beginning.

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