Being Ready for 7 Stars – A Webinar with Dahlsens and Energy Lab’s Brian Haines for Victorian Builders

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December 5, 2023 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

InSite with Dahlsens

This is a past event.

Watch the Victorian webinar recording here.

If you are building in NSW, watch the NSW webinar recording here.


There’s plenty to know right now! Are you up to speed and ready to meet the 7-star energy efficiency targets and Whole-of-Home compliance within NCC 2022 being introduced in Victoria on 1 May 2024?

In this short and snappy webinar, we bring you Energy Lab’s Brian Haines, who will delve into the practical nuances of the NatHERS Assessment Pathway for compliance with NCC 2022 Volume Two.

What you’ll hear about in this session:

  • Achieving 7-star at a cost your client is prepared to pay
  • How window to floor area ratio is key; the problems of full height glass and light courts
  • Maximising orientation in single and double storeys
  • The use of thermal decoupling to achieve better outcomes vs concrete slab on ground
  • How under slab foam insulation and slab edge insulation performs
  • How floor coverings can affect your energy efficiency
  • The benefits of increasing insulation
  • Breeze paths between rooms and ceiling fans
  • The protection of openable windows in bedrooms
  • The effect of wall, roof and window frame colours on energy performance
  • The performance of roof sarking and blankets
  • The use of eaves to help cooling loads
  • U and SHGC values for windows explained
  • What will be required for Whole-Of-Home compliance using actual worked examples

Hosted by

Brian Haines, Director at Energy Lab

Energy Lab is one of Australia’s leading energy efficiency assessment companies, having completed a quarter of a million residential and commercial assessments in Australia, Europe and Asia.