From humble beginnings, timber has evolved to become a stylish and versatile cladding solution for homes and businesses. These days timber cladding is available in a wide range of colours, finishes, installation systems, and materials (not just timber).

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Key advantages of timber cladding

  • Stylish and modern
  • Available in a range of colours, finishes and designs to suit your projects
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • High number of coating and texture options
  • Easy installation
  • Blends in well with most surroundings

Timber cladding options

Thanks to its high level of customisation and versatility, there are many options available for your timber cladding needs.

Horizontal timber cladding

A modern take on the classic weatherboard, horizontally grooved timber cladding is an excellent choice for creating contemporary homes with a sleek sense of style. If you want to achieve this look, there is a range of horizontal timber cladding options available from Dahlsens such as the range from Weathertex, Cemintel Territory Woodlands, James Hardie Axon, Hurford’s Wood Elements and NewTechWood Shadowline and Castellation Cladding. With options available in natural shiplap timber, fibre cement boards and panels or composite timber, there is an option to suit any style or specification.

Vertical timber cladding

For the perfect mix of traditional and modern, vertical timber cladding can provide a striking visual effect your clients will love. Ideal for enhancing high ceilings, making a small build appear taller, or achieving a Scandi-barn look, vertical cladding is a modern choice for homeowners.  A popular choice, there are many options available from Dahlsens such as Porta Endura Timber Cladding, Weathertex Weathergroove, Cemintel Territory Woodlands, Hurford’s Wood Elements and NewTechWood Shadowline and Castellation Cladding.


You can find weatherboard cladding on just about any street in Australia, and for good reason. Weatherboard is a highly customisable cladding option that is relatively easy to install. This ease of installation makes weatherboarding an ideal choice for builders with narrow lead times or budget constraints. Weatherboards can be painted in any colour your client desires and can complement any style of building. No longer exclusively timber, weatherboards are also available in fibre cement from James Hardie and Cemintel, as well as hardwood and natural wax composite from Weathertex.

Charred timber

Exactly as it sounds, charred timber is made using a Japanese wood charring technique to provide a stunning burnt finish on timber cladding. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, charred timber is known to be extremely durable and long-lasting. Dahlsens supplies Shou Sugi Ban charred timber from Hurford’s.

Shiplap timber

Timber cladding is in high demand from clients wanting to achieve a warm and natural aesthetic. Achieve this look with the help of Dahlsens. We can supply timber shiplap cladding as a complete system for any wall or building, in a range of species and colours.

Composite timber cladding

Composite cladding is cladding designed to look and feel like timber, but manufactured using a mix of different materials. By combining materials such as wood fibre, plastic and wax, manufacturers can create highly durable, long-lasting cladding products that still retain a traditional look.

NewTechWood pre-finished composite external wall cladding is made from 60% recycled dense wood fibre mixed with 40% high grade recycled plastics, while Weathertex has a range of 100% natural composite cladding made from 97% natural timber and 3% natural wax.

Timber cladding products available at Dahlsens

The expert team at Dahlsens can procure timber cladding materials suitable for every taste and budget. Stop in at your local branch or give them a call to see how we can help you achieve your clients vision.

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