Traditional brick cladding remains as popular as ever amongst new homeowners. Typically made from clay or shale, bricks are a timeless and cost-effective option for your clients. Advances in brick manufacturing techniques mean that your clients have a huge range of brick options to choose from in order to achieve their ideal look.

Dahlsens is proud to supply Selkirk bricks through Dahlsens trade stores located at Bairnsdale, Deniliquin, Mildura and Swan Hill.

Key advantages of  brick cladding

  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong and durable
  • Many colours and styles available

Brick cladding options

Clay bricks

Clay bricks are the classic, most recognisable brick style. These bricks typically measure 76mm high x 230mm long x 110mm wide, although this can vary depending on where they were manufactured.

Dahlsens supplies extruded bricks manufactured by Selkirk. Extruded bricks are made by forcing clay through a hole forming die. Thanks to the holes made during this process, the bricks are lighter and cheaper than pressed bricks. Extruded bricks are ideal for using in conjunction with other cladding materials such as render. The rough face of extruded bricks makes it easy to apply cement render and other similar materials.

Brick products available at Dahlsens

Dahlsens supplies a range of brick options from select trade stores that include Bairnsdale, Deniliquin, Mildura and Swan Hill. Whether you’re looking for a traditional finish or something with a little extra wow factor, we can source the bricks you need. Contact your local Dahlsens branch to receive discuss your brick cladding options today.

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