For over 67 years, Abey Australia has been manufacturing locally in Australia and providing fellow Australians quality products that have endured the test of time. Renowned for their focus on quality and innovation, Abey products are held in the highest regard amongst professional trades people.

Today Abey is represented in all Australian states, manufacturing and marketing a vast range of over 1,200 products including masonry products, plumbers clipping systems, flexible connectors, gas flueing systems, flashings and a broad range of accessories across their trade business area.

Masonry Veneer Ties

Abey are the innovators of stainless steel masonry ties and manufacture them in Australia to meet Australian Standards and coastal conditions.  A masonry veneer tie is a wall tie which is designed to tie a single leaf (wall) of masonry to a load bearing frame. This provides stability to the leaf of masonry against lateral loads. The tie will transfer all forces from a masonry leaf across that cavity to the load bearing frame. The tie for brick veneer is essential to the structural soundness of a dwelling. Brick ties securing the brick leaf to timber studs are an important feature of brick veneer dwellings.

Expansion Ties

Abey’s wall expansion ties take the guess work out of laying masonry wall expansion gaps. Manufactured and designed in Australia, the patented design bites deep into the mortar and holds tight providing maximum grip in the hard yet brittle mortar, whilst providing the correct control gap (10-20mm) so necessary in masonry construction.

Abey’s expansion ties are available for both brickwork and blockwork in R2 Galvanised Z600 and R4 316L Stainless Steel.

Brick Vents

Abey bug and bushfire vents help to prevent the penetration of hot ash and burning debris entering the sub-floor areas. They are Australian made and designed for the construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas and comply to AS3959-1991 standards. The fallout of burning debris entering buildings via sub-floor vents and creating a secondary fire situation can lead to the destruction of homes.

Abey bug & bushfire vents 2mm spark arrestor mesh also helps to retard the potential infestation of pests such as the European Wasp from entering the sub floor areas of a building.

Ant Caps

Australia is one of the world’s largest continents and has one of the largest concentrations of termites (white ants). Whilst many termites are harmlessly restricted to eating grass and fallen timber in rural areas, many are attached to making our homes theirs.

Abey manufactures a range of termite ant caps to protect buildings from subterranean termite attacks that fully comply with Australian Building Standards AS3660-1993 to be used in all new and retrofit applications.

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