LSL10 (Laminated Strand Lumber)

LSL10 (Laminated Strand Lumber)


90 x 35 LSL10 - Take Wall Framing to the next Level.

A new product available in Australia, and widely used by for years by builders in comparable climate California, USA, is LSL 10, Laminated Strand Lumber. LSL is an engineered product of uniform density, ideal for use in wall framing applications to replace solid timber. It has higher strength values where required for studs and plates to allow for greater loads using the same sizes.

  • Engineered strong for use in wall framing
  • Manufactured straight and true
  • H2-S protection against termites
  • 90x35 size matched to solid timber

LSL10 is made straight and stay straight, reducing the time spent planning or crippling studs. With the addition of termiticide to the glue, your wall framing has protection against termites even if notched or rebated. The superior properties of 90x35 LSL10 allow for comparable designs to 90x45 MPG10 when used as common studs or jamb studs in residential framing applications.

Exclusively available from Dahlsens, try LSL10 for your next job. Give us a call today to find out more or access more information below.

Video – Echuca Builder talks about how LSL is working for him

Video - How LSL is made

LSL10 Brochure with Specifications and Wall Stud Span Chart


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