Dahlsens Estimating Service

NEW SERVICE now available to Dahlsens trade account holders!

-          A fast and cost-effective way to provide your clients with professional and prompt estimates.

-          Our in-house estimating team can save you time and the hassle of quoting jobs.

-          This service will free up your time to focus on building, client management or prospecting for new business.

How it works:

  1. Submit legible copies of your project plans to your Account Manager or your local Dahlsens branch. Plans in print form should be in A3 and with all critical dimensions. Soft copies in .dwg file format are preferred if not essential.
  2. Your estimate will typically be returned within 10 working days. The estimate will be broken down by build stages and comprise Dahlsens product codes, product descriptions, quantities and pricing.  Should you already have agreed prices or discounts as part of your trade account with us, these competitive prices  will automatically be applied to your estimate. Though the estimate will provide you with information on items and services that Dahlsens does not supply, it will not include rates for such items.
  3. With the estimate in hand, get in touch with your Account Manager or the local Dahlsens branch to discuss the estimate. When you are satisfied with the estimate and you are ready to start the job, you can convert the estimate into an order. It’s that easy!

Save Time

Whenever you are quoting and doing take offs, you are potentially wasting time otherwise spent doing something else you need to do. As a builder, your time is money.  The Estimating Service is one way to save you time.

Save Money

There will be a small fee to use the Estimating Service. This fee will be communicated to you when you request to use the service. This charge will be billed to your trade account with the same credit terms as other supplies.

This charge will be refunded and credited back to your account when the order is placed, subject to the terms and conditions of the service. Not only do you save on time but you also save the cost when you shop with us.


Contact your Account Manager or local Branch to know more.  

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