Delivery in full and on time, safely

2021 has arrived but still the risks of COVID remain in our communities.  Like all businesses, our team is vigilantly working within COVIDSafe work guidelines to ensure we all stay on this path to recovery.   When you visit us in store, we ask that you complete the Workplace Attendance Register upon entry and abide by the wearing of masks in regions where it is mandatory, social distancing and hygiene protocols.  

Throughout the Dahlsens network in Victoria and New South Wales metro and regional regions, we encourage the continued use of our delivery service to maximise your time, or alternatively call your store ahead of time to arrange a pick up of your order.  This system has been working well for many and we expect to see this trend continue.

Thank you for your ongoing support and business.  

Thanks for working with us to get the job done safely. 

Revised 4th January 2021



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